10 Best Things to Do in Miami, Florida


Finding out about the main attractions of Miami will be interesting even for those who are not yet planning a visit to the Atlantic coast. Read this review and you will find out what to see in Miami for every traveler.

What are the most popular excursions in Miami? Wanna explore them on your own? So, don’t be just seated anymore. Make Turkish airlines booking right away in any class and save 35% off on every flight to Miami. Hence, you can list them indefinitely. The most frequently experienced guides in Miami recommend the following sites:

Miami Beach

The shape of this Miami landmark is a resort suburb, separated from the rest of the city by a beautiful bay. If you’re after the best hotels in Miami, head here. This is a favorite place for rest and residence of world celebrities. Downtown Miami- Bis is filled with historic buildings from the 1920s and 40s. It has everything you need for a fun and luxurious beach holiday.

Lincoln Road

The main tourist street, without visiting which your trip to Miami will be incomplete. Any tourist can visit the farmers’ market, art galleries, symphony hall, chic cinema, and outdoor cafes. If the interesting places in Miami are related to brand boutiques and shopping, then also come to Lincoln Road.

Bayside Market

Shopping arcade located right on the waterfront near the seaport. Bayside has over 150 shops as well as many cafes and bars. To attract buyers, performances and concerts are constantly organized on the market. In the evening, it turns into a street filled with walking tourists. Bayside sells clothes, local crafts, souvenirs, and more.

Miami Children’s Museum

A full-fledged educational Centre with a large number of interactive exhibits and compositions, where children can get acquainted with world culture, as well as try themselves in some professions. On the territory of the museum, there are exhibition galleries, a lecture hall, classrooms, a gift shop, and a restaurant. The Centre has classes in painting, modeling, photography, and sculpture.

Cape Canaveral Kennedy Space Centre

Having seen enough of the sights of Miami, it is recommended that you go to the Space Centre at Cape Canaveral. It is located 3.5 hours from the city. There are several museums and various guided tours. Launchpads, a reconstructed Saturn V launch vehicle, an Apollo capsule, and much more are waiting for you.

Everglades National Park

The Everglades National Park, simply a short drive from Miami, use to protect one of Florida’s most exclusive natural features. Casing about 1.5 million acres, these swamps are home to crocodiles, alligators, snakes, and all types of birds. This entire area also uses to be fundamentally a shallow river flowing out of the ocean. The park has an informative visitor Centre as well as hiking trails and boardwalks for wildlife viewing. Moreover, one of the most enjoyable ways to meet tourists in the Everglades is by airplane travel. However, these high-speed boat rides will take visitors into swamps and streams to see alligators and other wildlife. There are several operators in the area, but outside the park that offer tours of the Everglades.

Things to do in Miami You Should Try

Walk along Ocho Street in Little Havana

Mediterranean-style houses with swinging stools on the porch, aromatic tobacco smells coming from cigar shops, domino sounds in Máximo Gómez, better known as Domino Park – and the hum of Latin music from record stores are all part of the quarter’s indescribable Cuban atmosphere.

Shop, drink and eat on Lincoln Road

Lincoln Road Mall, intended by classy guru Morris Lapidus in the year 1950, was dubbed the “Fifth Avenue of the South Endless cafeterias once, lounges and cultural Centres such as the Theatre of the Colonies stretch the entire length from Washington Avenue to Alton Road.

Splash at the Miami Marine Aquarium

However, here you will see a show of dolphins, funny sea lions, and the most famous inhabitant of the park – the killer whale Lolita.

Go to the bird kingdom on Jungle Island

In 2001, the site finally moved from South Miami to Watson Island. And now it’s much also easier to take kids to popular parrot shows, wild animals, and the zoo.

Olympia Theatre

The famous Olympia Theatre has been the state’s premier Theatre since its opening in 1926. From the outside, the building looks quite modest, but its interiors and decoration of the hall are beyond praise. Once on the stage of the Olympia Theatre, concerts of Elvis Presley and BB King were held, the great Luciano Pavarotti performed here. This venue is considered one of the most prestigious in the United States, standing out among other Theatre halls for impeccable acoustics and the most modern equipment. Therefore, there is always a good chance to see a celebrity show or watch one of the enchanting shows that Miami is famous for.


Miami is a favorite vacation destination for many travelers from all over the world. And here we finish with the presentation of the most important things that you can find in this tourist guide about Miami. From exploring the nightclubs to deep-diving into the azure waters of Miami Beach. There’s so much one travelers can try here. Plan your getaway with Airlines Vacations and have a wonderful travel experience. Also, let us know what’s your favorite activity to try in Maimi.