2022 New Year’s Resolutions for the Home


After the tumultuous two years, we all have experienced living through the Covid-19 pandemic, 2022 is a year to look for the future. On New Year’s Eve, many of us toasted to lost loved ones, lost time, and a sense of importance when it comes to seizing the opportunities and making the most of our present lives. One aspect of this, which is massively important, is our homes. After spending so long confined to the walls of our properties during the lockdown, 2022 is a chance to start afresh in the home, with a clean slate and a clean mindset. There are undoubtedly a lot of things that most people wish to achieve this year that have been prevented by the pandemic, and their home life is no exception. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our favorite 2022 resolutions for the home.

Building a Better Budget for Your Home:

Throughout the last few months of the year, we unintentionally begin to spend excessively, as the festive season provides an endless list of costs for Christmas presents, catch-ups with friends and loved ones, and decorations for the home in time for December. While it’s not necessarily a bad thing to get into the Christmas spirit and not be so restrictive with your finances, typically, in the New Year, most people are overwhelmed with anxiety when they check their accounts and financial status. As the past is not worth dwelling on as it is impossible to change, you can strategize towards a more successful year- so that by this time next year, you won’t have the same financial woes. Start the new year by building a better budget for your home and planning your expenses for the next 12 months. Take into consideration things such as bills, holidays, birthdays, food shops, and date night expenses.

Getting Rid of Clutter and Organising:

Why not take advantage of the new year and have a new home? (Well, kind of). The new year is a perfect time to start working towards the home of your dreams, and there’s no better way to do this than through decluttering and organizing. Since the pandemic, most of us have unintentionally racked up a lot more clutter and junk in our homes than we care to admit. Begin the new year with a decluttering and organization session- and go through every room to ensure that you have things that only serve your purpose. If necessary, why not bring in a professional cleaner and organizer? This will be an easier and more effective way to tackle your house.

Rearrange Your Furniture:

If you want to revamp your home but perhaps don’t have the means to invest in a new set of furniture, why not rearrange your current house layout? Sometimes, the layout of our most used rooms such as the lounge and kitchen area can leave our home looking a bit repetitive and lackluster. By simply rearranging your furniture, you can freshen up your interior and create a whole new décor style that suits you going into the new year.

Invest in Upgrades:

Just like when you bought it, your home is still one of (if not the) biggest investments you will make in your lifetime. A lot of time, effort, and expenses into making a house a home, so why does that have to stop once you have lived there for a few years? Make 2022 the year you continue to make your home even more beautiful- and that starts with upgrades. Although we may not all be able to afford an upgrade in terms of huge renovations work, perhaps things such as upgrading your kettle, or incorporating smart home appliances will make your property more current and sleeker, in addition to having a house that works for your benefit.

Keep on Top of Maintenance:

While decluttering and organizing are great for your home, the truth is that your home will only become messy again if you don’t keep on top of it. It’s a fresh start to the year, so there’s no time like now to create a cleaning schedule or routine. Everday, allocate time to your home- to ensure that you don’t reach a point where things become overwhelming and unmanageable. Think about diving your house into segments, so that the tasks at hand don’t seem unachievable, then, create a calendar that works for you and gets everybody else involved- so it can be a team effort!

Cut Down on Costs Using a Smart Home:

As of 2022, you could really say that we are at the peak of a technological and digital age. Technology surrounds us in our everyday life and brings a unique and easier way to manage our everyday living and the tasks ahead. As society grows into a modified age- why not bring your home into the 21st century? The current property market is extremely competitive, and your house needs to have unique selling points and appeal to prospective buyers- this is where technology becomes your best friend. Smart homes are extremely sought after on the property market, as not only are they designed to create an easier and better functioning living space, but they are also a great way to reduce your outgoing costs. By using smart lighting, thermostats, and various other smart appliances, you can control things easily via your smartphone. This means that you can instantly schedule the runnings of your home- and do it without the hassle of an outdated system.

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