3 must read books to answer your everyday health, fitness and nutrition issues


If you are someone who is concerned about being affected by the rise of lifestyle diseases and is looking for ways to prevent them, then don’t worry because you have landed at the right place. The three non- fiction books that we have mentioned below: Super Immunity, Why we get fat, and The Diabetes Code will cater to such issues. These books cover issues such as – the reason for growing obesity and high sugar among people, foods ruining our immune system etc.  These books also throw light on the importance of exercise and its persistent benefits.

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Super Immunity by Joel Fuhrman

The book Super Immunity focuses primarily on building a healthy and strong immune system by consuming superfoods. It also points out the shortcomings of modern medicine or antibiotics and focuses on accepting ayurveda as the way of life. Antibiotics unnecessarily kill a large number of essential bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, which also contains almost 70 percent of our immune cells. This results in more harm than good to the diseases.

The author Joel Fuhrman places strong emphasis on the consumption of superfoods instead of thinking about the quantity of carbohydrates or fats to include in the daily diet. The reason why superfoods are given so much importance is because of the presence of high amounts of excellent nutrients, isothiocyanates or ITCs and phytochemicals in them. The ITCs have the ability to strengthen the immune system thus, protecting from various diseases. Whereas the phytochemicals are only present in some plants.

It is mandatory for us to consume these compounds in order to boost the functionality of our immune system. They even have the ability to decrease the probability of chronic diseases such as Cancer and AIDS. It can also help in fighting various viruses. Some of the superfoods that are great to boost the immune system are: Kale, broccoli, cauliflower, and collard greens.

Why we get fat by Gary Taubes

Why we get fat is a truly insightful book that talks about multiple questions such as why we gain weight? Or why are some carbohydrates more fatal than others? And why only some people gain weight while others get away with eating anything? The author Gary Taubes even puts an end to certain myths in this book. He wants his readers to get their facts straight about obesity and weight gain. It’s high time that myths like people who consume more calories than they burn will gain weight must take a backseat. 

Many studies and incidents have shown that even poor and people who suffer from malnutrition can also get obese. Let’s take an example to understand this point. America was not always the rich and prosperous country as we see today.  This had some serious impacts on their health. The native people of the United States of America experienced poverty and lack of proper nutrition at the beginning of the 20th century. It was noticed that the children had malnutrition problems while the mothers became incredibly overweight. It is very clear from this example that obesity has little to do with weight gain.

Another myth that the author puts an end to is frequent exercise and consuming less food guarantees weight loss. Other important issues that he talks about in Why we get fat are: Why and how do carbs make us fat and how can we actually control or lose weight.

The Diabetes Code by Jason Fung

The Diabetes Code works as a best book if you believe prevention is better than cure. This book talks in great detail about the modern epidemic i.e Type 2 diabetes, which is often considered as a result of carbohydrate, sugar rich foods,and lifestyle. When the consumption of these foods and our lifestyle becomes too inactive, our bodies are unable to keep up which in turn adds resistance to insulin and chronic health diseases. A latest study revealed that almost 400 million people (out of which 28 million in the USA) suffer from this modern epidemic. 

The author Jason Fung has jotted down a nutritional plan to prevent Type 2 with the help of professionals and researchers. Avoiding fructose and refined carbohydrates has proved to be beneficial. The author has also talked in great detail about the Intermittent Fasting and portion control to treat and prevent Type 2 diabetes. He has also laid down the remedies and medicines such as insulin shots and bariatric surgery that must be discarded as soon as possible to prevent Type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes or the condition of high blood sugar has four basic forms. They are:  Type 1 or autoimmune diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, and high blood sugar linked to genetic and pancreatic abnormality. Gestational diabetes arises during pregnancy.