3M Car Solar Film


Car window tinting reduces the amount of solar energy that enters your vehicle, helping keep the interior cooler, protect internal components, and block UV rays. The best guide to finding solar film singapore.

The Crystalline Series rejects more heat than dark films without altering your windows’ appearance, helping improve driver safety by reducing glare and helping keep broken pieces together during an accident.

Protection from UV rays

The solar film protects from UV rays of the sun that could otherwise fade the fabric and crack leather over time, helping protect both vehicle interiors and their passengers. By blocking them out, the solar film provides invaluable defense for vehicle interiors and passengers – while simultaneously reducing glare when driving in bright conditions and strengthening glass in case of collision, helping prevent glass shards from spraying onto passengers inside your car.

3M’s Crystalline Series films use proprietary multilayer optical film nanotechnology that combines over 200 layers into an ultrathin transparent film thinner than a Post It Notes to effectively reject more heat than darker films without altering your car’s appearance. This proprietary technology also means they look good against reflective surfaces without changing their appearance as much.

All of our automotive window films offer UV protection and help reduce glare. Approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation, these products may help shield against UV rays – one of the main contributors to skin cancer development.

Improving comfort, protecting vehicle interiors, and blocking UV rays have long been hallmarks of 3M’s innovative window films that have been helping protect people for over half a century. Indeed, in 1966, they received their first solar control window film patent.

3M’s Obsidian Series offers patented technology for superior structural performance over-dyed films and comes in various tint levels that meet most state and province laws. IR rejection up to 44% and UV protection up to 99% ensure you and your vehicle remain cool, plus its industry-leading warranty back it.

Reduces heat

Solar films help keep your vehicle cool by blocking UV, infrared, and visible light through its windows. Although solar films don’t offer quite the same level of darkness as window tint, their effectiveness can still be measured using Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER) and Ultra Violet Rejection (UV rejection).

3M’s patented technology gives this non-metalized film an outstanding appearance, boasting superior infrared rejection properties without interfering with radio and electronic waves from mobile devices such as phones or GPS systems. This dyed and metallic film hybrid offers an appealing look and high-performance capabilities.

These windows reject up to 97% of heat-generating infrared rays and 99% of damaging UV rays that cause fabrics, wallpaper, wood floors, photos, paintings, and furnishings to fade, providing comfort and savings while safeguarding valuable assets.

Advanced ceramic materials used to manufacture this film make it highly durable, meaning you can wash your windows as usual without fear of the tint fading or peeling off. Furthermore, its easy maintenance requires just soap and water.

Combining three advanced technologies makes this 3M automotive solar film Singapore’s most effective option, providing comfortable interior driving conditions, skin and belonging protection, and reduced fuel costs. High TSER and UV rejection rates protect you against harmful UV rays.

Reduces glare

3M Crystalline Automotive Films reduce glare to make driving safer and more comfortable, providing eye protection from sun glare while protecting the interior from fading, loss of color or texture, and protecting against harmful UV rays that cause skin cancer and premature aging. They’re an affordable solution that makes every journey more pleasurable! This car tinting option significantly decreases sunlight that passes through windshields to reduce eye strain while creating an enjoyable driving experience for you and your passengers. 3M Crystalline Automotive Films protect your interior against fading and save you against harmful UV rays that cause skin cancer or premature aging, keeping you and its users against harmful UV rays that could cause skin cancer or premature aging.

Sunlight can penetrate your car’s upholstery and leather seats, causing them to fade, crack, and discolor with time – detrimentally impacting its value and negatively affecting your and your passengers’ comfort. Therefore, installing UV protection film such as 3M window tinting is vital to keep its interior looking new for as long as possible.

Window tinting for cars offers high levels of privacy while allowing you to take in the view through its windows. There is a range of colors from light to dark; those seeking additional privacy should select darker tints, while lighter ones provide more glare reduction.

3M’s non-metalized film features nanoceramic particles that do not interfere with GPS and radio signals, enabling you to stay connected with mobile phones or satellite radio while enjoying your ride. Furthermore, their automotive window films comply with Singapore Car Tint Law and have a limited lifetime warranty.


Early versions of the solar film were simple dyed films, which would eventually discolor and bubble with prolonged sun exposure. In 1966, metallic coatings were added to clear polyester to make it darker while reflecting some heat away. Darker films are more aesthetically pleasing while providing privacy protection from prying eyes; metallic options reflect light more efficiently, thus improving visibility inside your car; however, they interfere with wireless connectivity and GPS devices.

3M offers hybrid window tint solutions that combine the best aspects of both worlds. Their ceramic-coated films combine attractive aesthetics with excellent performance; for instance, their Obsidian series can reject over 44% of total solar energy while reducing up to 91% glare and making driving safer and more accessible. Plus, they come with one of the best warranties available!


This series is a fully transparent solar window film that blocks up to 55% of sun-induced heat and 95% of infrared radiation, helping keep passengers and occupants cooler and safer in their vehicle cabin. Furthermore, its optically clear polyester coating and limited lifetime warranty protect belongings inside your car against theft or vandalism.

These films are coated with nano ceramic particles to block 99% of harmful UV rays and up to 50% of solar infrared radiation without interfering with satellite signals and mobile phone connectivity. With dark shades available for cars, SUVs, and commercial vehicles alike. The Obsidian Series can block both of these harmful radiation sources.

3M Crystalline and LLumar IRX ceramic solar tint films boast an exceptional TSER (total solar energy rejection) rating for maximum thermal comfort levels, reduced aircon usage, and enhanced skin protection compared to conventional dyed or metallic window tints.

Although films are typically evaluated based on VLT (visible light transmission) or IR transmittance ratings, taking TSER (total solar energy rejected) is also essential. A lower TSER number means less heat and infrared radiation is transmitted through windows; the higher its TSER rating, the more efficient its performance.

Security window films are an excellent investment for your car, offering various styles, thicknesses, and colors to meet your needs. Ideal for both the front and rear windows of your vehicle, security films provide both deterrence from burglars and privacy benefits by hiding away its contents. Hence, it becomes harder for other people to see inside.

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