5 signs that you might be suffering from hearing loss

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1. You regularly ask people to repeat what they just said

It is likely this is not only a problem for you but also an annoyance to your loved ones or others trying to communicate with you. If you find yourself saying “What?” frequently when people speak to you, you might very well be experiencing hearing loss.

2. You have noticed that your hearing isn’t what it used to be

If you’ve noticed that you aren’t hearing as well as your friends and family, particularly in crowded or noisy areas, it’s possible you’re experiencing age-related hearing loss. If this sounds familiar, consult a health care provider who can help you determine if there is a medical reason for this decline and what steps to take next.

2. You play the TV or radio louder than necessary

If you find yourself turning the radio or TV volume up higher than it used to be just to hear, this is a sign that your hearing is diminishing. If you can’t hear what is being said regardless of the volume, then it’s time to see a hearing care professional who can help determine why and what can be done about it.

3. You find yourself constantly asking others to speak up, especially in a quiet setting such as a restaurant or theater

If you find that you are constantly asking people to please speak up, especially when in a quiet setting this is another definite sign of hearing loss.

You may be able to hear if someone whispers or speaks very close to your ear, but otherwise it can seem like everyone around you is mumbling. This makes it very difficult to follow conversations or enjoy activities in quiet surroundings.

4. You can no longer hear chirping birds, blowing wind, or barking dogs

If you’ve been noticing that your ability to hear various sounds is declining, this can be a sign of hearing loss. These sounds become more difficult to hear as time goes on and it gets worse regardless of whether or not you’re in a quiet setting.

It may seem like you’re just forgetting things, but if you find that you are distracted more frequently by background noise than before, this might also be due to hearing loss. It is likely that people around you are louder or speaking up more often to make sure they are heard.

5. You miss phone calls or don’t hear the doorbell ring

If you’re regularly missing phone calls or the doorbell ringing, it’s likely that you’re having difficulty hearing. It is also possible that family members are attempting to muffle their voices when they speak to you because of the volume they need to set in order for you to hear them. This can be frustrating not only for them, but for you as well since it makes it difficult to enjoy family time.

If these signs sound familiar, don’t ignore them. This may be the only way to get back what you’ve been missing and restore your hearing so that you can engage with those around you again.

Don’t put off scheduling an appointment because it might require you to spend a little money. With digital hearing aids, you will be able to hear the TV or radio at a lower volume and have conversations with ease once again. It is possible for your hearing abilities to improve tremendously if you get the help of an audiologist who specializes in digital hearing aids.

There are soe digital options that are affordable and allow you to adjust your digital hearing aid to the sounds that you want to hear and block out the ones that might be distracting. Ask your audiologist about digital options and digital hearing aids, as well as what they can do for you.

If you’re having trouble hearing in social settings such as restaurants, theaters or clubs, digital hearing aids can help.

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