5 Social Media Metrics You Need to Pay Attention To

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Social media metrics. They are important to follow if you want to be involved in social media marketing but people just starting out may not know exactly what it is.

When it comes to digital advertising, that grew 12% as a whole in 2020 compared to the year prior.

The pandemic has shown that more people are willing to shop online and engage online, so how do you reach those people? How do you know if you are doing it right?

These are five metrics that you need to keep an eye on.

1. Follower Count

This one should be obvious because the number of followers that you have for your account is the number of people that are specifically dedicated to paying attention to your content. These people are also likely to be your biggest fans, going out of their way to support you and make more purchases.

You can keep track of things like follower count for instagram with resources such as in that link.

2. Engagement

Engagement combines a few factors for followers participating in your social media posts such as likes, comments, replies, mentions, shares, and more. Basically, it measures how much participation your followers are having on your posts all around.

All of this can help your posts stay at the top of the list, keep people thinking about your brand, and potentially expose new people to your platform because they might see a friend or a loved one participate in it.

3. Reach

Reach goes a little farther than follower count because this one goes after your follower’s followers. It is a great start to build a follower count but to continue to grow, you need your brand to get exposed to new customers.

This metric helps you determine how word of mouth via social media is helping you, if at all. One of the most common ways for businesses to grow is by word of mouth, and people usually want to get in on something their friends and family like.

Keeping track of this can see if your company is able to successfully do that.

4. Impressions

Similar to reach but the main difference here is that this metric keeps track of how many of your posts show up on other people’s timelines. The best thing for a business to get is free exposure and if people do not know who you are, then you may as well not exist in their minds.

Showing up on a timeline can help people discover your brand that may not have found your brand without having that show up, so you will want to build up your impressions.

5. Share of Voice

This metric mainly allows you to compare how much your company is talked about on social media versus your competition. It may be something more suited for bigger brands but even for two local pizza places in a neighborhood, it can give you an idea of which one is more openly discussed on social media.

Learn More About Social Media Metrics

These are five social media metrics that you should consider keeping a close eye on as a business trying to develop a social media strategy. Following these can help you figure out what you are doing well and what you may need to change.

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