5 Tips to Implement CBD Into Your Meditation Practice 

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Getting stressed out is inevitable. However, there are many ways to relieve it, such as sleeping, journaling, and talking to your close friends. Meditation is still the best way to restore your inner peace. Although it requires a high concentration and an open mind, practising meditation can be done anywhere. It’s also beneficial for people with different mental health conditions.  

Many of them have been practising it for years to improve their conditions. While the impact of meditation on one’s mind is outstanding, consuming CBD products before and after your meditation practice can make your experience even more fruitful. 

CBD is a mood-boosting compound. Having a positive feeling and vibe puts your mind at ease and makes the meditating session successful. Incorporating CBD into meditation sessions also improves concentration, particularly at the beginning of the meditation practice when one gets easily side-tracked by other thoughts or random happenings in your environment.  

Body discomforts like joint pains and tensed muscles can interfere with your meditation session. CBD assists in relieving pain and reducing muscle soreness.  

If you are questioning how you can use CBD oils, Sunday Scaries, tinctures, or other CBD edibles like Hollyweed; which are one of the best cbd capsules products to boost your meditation, here are some tips; 

  1. Add CBD to pre-meditation drinks

Having a cup of tea first in the morning re-energizes your body greatly. Additionally, a cup of coffee after a long day of work helps you feel rejuvenated. Now, picture how good your body will feel after taking some CBD tea. People underrate CBD tea’s effects and will only use it when resting or willing to take a nap. 


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Taking CBD tea before your meditation session helps to alleviate your moods. Though it takes longer to feel the impact, CBD tea will improve your meditation hour greatly. Take the drink one hour before starting your session, or carry it to your meditation session to keep your body hydrated.  

If you prefer fixing something light before meditating, do CBD oil. You might not feel the impacts the first time of using it, but you will feel more energetic when beginning your meditation routine with time. Also, you can add CBD oils to your puddings, salads, and smoothies or purchase snacks with CBD to take before meditating. 

  1. Vape CBD before meditating

If you are meditating in between fitted schedules and need to make your mind concentrate quickly, try CBD vaping. Vaping involves heating the CBD, which means you will consume it in a more stable form. It increases the CBD absorption frequency, meaning you will instantly feel the product’s impact.

  1. Use CBD shower products

Everyone knows that having a shower after a long day of activities assists in getting rid of fatigue and calming your mind. If a frequent shower has this power, imagine showering with CBD products that have a therapeutic impact on the body.  

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Using soaps, shower gels, and creams when taking baths will assist you in achieving an added balance to your bath time. Your mind would be clearer, and your body would be more relaxed after that meditation session. You can also use balms, CBD lotions, and oils to activate your muscles after the shower.

  1. Use CBD tinctures

This is another effective and fast way to feel the CBD’s impact on your body. CBD tinctures are products obtained after soaking a hemp plant in oil or alcohol. They are comparable to CBD isolates since they are more refined than other CBD products.  

To feel their impact, put some drops under your tongue, where they get absorbed into the bloodstream through blood capillaries. Pause for a few minutes and then swallow the remaining oil for absorption through the digestive tract.  

A small dosage of CBD tinctures is enough to benefit your body. If you are a beginner at tinctures, start with small doses and increase the quantity with time to find the amount best suits your body.

  1. Using THC and CBD

Suppose you are a skilled meditator and cannabis user, and you are concerned about exploring altered states of consciousness with cannabis. In that case, you may need to review a 1:1 THC-CBD product that comprises equal parts THC and CBD. 

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So, while you are getting the relaxing, pain-relieving effects of CBD, you are also getting the same advantages from the THC and the psychoactive effects.


If you are a learner in meditation, there is a probability that you are not getting the results you are looking for. Meditating is a practice, and you will improve with time. The same applies to CBD’s impact on meditation.  

If you are a starter, it will take time before you can feel its effects on the body, even when used to treat other conditions. Remain steady, and you will progressively see how it will improve your breathing and focus in meditation. 

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