6 Ways to Keep Your Wood Flooring in Good Shape

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Whether you’ve just installed new flooring in your house or want to maintain a classic refinish, it’s never too early to think about measures to reduce wear and tear. You could believe people from outside are the most dangerous source of scratches and dents. However, don’t forget that your furniture may also play a significant part in causing long-term damage. Here are some effective methods to safeguard your house and keep your floors looking new for the foreseeable future.

1. Clip Your Pets’ Nails

While wood is typically resistant to animal paws, keep your dog’s nails clipped and provide a scratching post for your cat. Examine your pets’ toes and fur for stones or gravel that may have been stuck in longer-haired breeds, and prevent roughhousing with pets indoors. Avoid games that require sliding across extended surfaces. To reduce moisture damage, clean up animal messes as soon as possible and lay absorbent mats beneath food and water areas.

2. No Shoes Policy

While shoes may not appear to be a significant concern, they can scrape your flooring’s surface. Consider requesting visitors and family members to remove their shoes upon entering the home, especially during damp winter weather. Stiletto heels are abrasive to your floor as they can create unsightly scratches, while rocks and sand can get lodged on cleated boots with heavy treads. Before guests enter, provide house slippers or, at the very least, a spot to clean their shoes. Vacuum and mop regularly to eliminate grit and limit the possibility of long-term harm.

3. Clean Up Spills Immediately

Always mop up spills straight away, and make sure the surface is arid afterward. Leaving fluids on hardwood flooring for an extended period can result in severe damage, such as discoloration and warping.

4. Invest in Rugs

Area rugs are a visually appealing and warm way to preserve your flooring. Allow your heaviest furniture to lie on a rug with a rug pad to extend the lifespan of your floors. You can locate one that suits your style and taste and switch it around based on the season or the necessity for updates.

5. Buy Rubber-Wheeled Furniture

Consider rubber-wheeled furniture while shopping for new home furnishings. Rubber wheels are safe since they don’t generate dents or scrapes. Furthermore, they are simple to move since they do not jam easily. However, it would help if you cleaned the wheels regularly to eliminate any particles that might produce minor marks on your wood flooring.

6. Prevent Sun Damage

Over time, sunlight can cause discoloration by lightening the tone of your hardwood. Some ways to avoid this include installing window coverings, adding window films, or using a wooden floor finish to help filter UV rays.

Maintaining hardwood floors isn’t tricky, but neglecting some details essential to their care is easy. Follow these guidelines to keep the look and polish of your wooden flooring in good condition. If your hardwood floor appears weary and worn out, it’s time to contact a Floor Sanding Company for expert floor polishing and sanding to refresh its appearance.


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