7 Benefits of Elliptical Exercise – All You Need to Know


There are many benefits to using the elliptical for exercise. Do you know what Muscles do Ellipticals Work? Here are 7 elliptical benefits and why you must use it for 30 minutes every day. Scroll down!

An elliptical is a low-impact exercise machine that mimics the movement of a run and provides a full-body workout. This piece of exercise equipment offers several elliptical trainer benefits. We want to stride into those today with six elliptical exercise benefits that you can enjoy. So, read on as we go through each of them.

The Elliptical is a Low-Impact Workout:

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: mixing low-impact cardio workouts into your routine is essential. When you start exercising, you might think you must go as hard as possible all of the time, but that is contrary to what you should do. You must ensure that you mix low-impact workouts with your balanced cardio exercise routine, so you do not over-train and develop an injury. For some of us with injuries, low-impact exercises are a great way to keep in line with our fitness goals while recovering. (Check with your doctor first, though.) Since the footpads stay beneath your feet for the entire movement on an elliptical, it takes away the stress you would otherwise feel on your joints on a run, jog, during plyometrics, or the like. Regarding impact, the elliptical is a winner for the treadmill vs. the elliptical.

It Gives You an Upper Body Workout Too:

Since most ellipticals have moving handlebars, you can get an upper-body workout along with your lower-body exercise, which is one of the elliptical benefits we love to love! The trick is you have to work for it. Push and pull the handles with your arms to benefit from this machine. Otherwise, you are just going with the motions. So, make the most out of your workout and engage those muscle groups, folks! It is what exercise is for.

It Has Built-In Programs:

The built-in programs on the elliptical are one of its most significant benefits. Think about what you want to achieve before you start your workout, and then pick a program that fits your needs. You can choose strength training, fat-burning, endurance programs, and more. Using the elliptical for cardio allows you to automatically change your workout based on your choice of program and the time you want to work out, which takes the guesswork out of your routine. Don’t like programs? Choose the manual mode and make up one on your own.

You Can Go Backward (On Most Machines):

It may sound weird that this is one of the benefits, but the elliptical makes it easy to go backward. The backward motion allows you to work the areas of your legs that don’t get a lot of love when running or cycling. Be sure to hold onto the handles and go slowly the first time you try this. Going backward can make you feel a little off, but once you are used to it, you will want to add it to every elliptical workout! Going backward is a great way to create intervals in your routine. Try moving forward at your fastest pace for 3 minutes and then backward for two at a slower pace. Repeat for 20 minutes and see how you feel!

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It Enhances Flexibility and Core Strength:

Since the elliptical brings your knees higher than they would in a typical run, your hip flexors get worked more. Because of this, the elliptical’s stride helps with flexibility in the hips. If you have a hip injury, check with your doctor before going on an elliptical machine to ensure it is right for you. Furthermore, since this is a full-body workout, the machine also helps you to strengthen your core, which can enhance your stability overall—a significant factor to think of as we age.

Elliptical Training Is Good For Heart Health:

Working on any aerobic exercise for 150 minutes a week helps to strengthen your heart and is the recommended weekly amount by the American Heart Association. With heart disease being the leading cause of death in the United States, it is important to keep a cardio, strength routine, and healthy diet that you love and stick with it to ensure that you are in tip-top shape. The elliptical is a fun machine to complete your weekly aerobic goal.

With the benefits of elliptical cardio training, we hope you will try this machine. Stop at any of our locations to try an elliptical on the cardio workout floor. If you need help figuring out how to start it, ask for help. Our team is happy to show you how to utilize the machine and walk you through the display. We hope to see you soon!

Can Aid Weight Loss:

An elliptical machine or trainer is great for weight loss. It burns between 150 and 400 calories in 30 minutes, depending on your weight and elliptical speed.

The exertion level is less when you use an elliptical machine for cardio. Hence, by the end of your 30-minute elliptical workout, you will still have the energy for a few more fat-burning exercises.

Check your posture and avoid leaning on the machine’s handles to minimize muscle injuries and back pain.

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Frequently asked questions:

Question: Can I do elliptical every day?

Answer: Yes, you may do the elliptical workout every day for 20-30 minutes.

Question: Will ellipticals make legs bigger?

Answer: No. The elliptical workout will make your legs toned and strong.

Question: Does the elliptical tone your arms?

Answer: Yes, the elliptical machine exercise helps tone the arms.

Question: Is jogging better than elliptical?

Answer: If you have bad knees, it is best to do elliptical exercises.

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