7 Ways to Use Videos for additional Engagement on Instagram

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Social media has developed into a very important part of a successful web marketing strategy from the digital world. Social media platforms like Fb, Instagram, Twitter, etc . provide many opportunities for models to showcase their products. Find the Best Instagram Highlights Downloader Online.

These media types are free to use, and you may directly interact with a larger target audience at once. You don’t need to invest lots of money in building a marketing strategy that includes social media videos. Whether there is a small or a large company, it’s time that you take social media marketing seriously.

Based on data shared by Lyfe advertising, 93 per cent of movies on Twitter are utilized from mobile phones. Views associated with branded video content online has doubled in the last three years. Moreover, Facebook live movies receive ten times more remarks than a regular video. These statistics show that video content material is in demand in networking communities.

This is because millennials connect far more to videos on social websites. Web Marketing Video Council finds that more than 60 per cent of brands are actively using social websites videos for offers. Thus, it is highly likely that your competitors are also leveraging the power of social media video for you to expand their customer base.

Instagram is a very powerful social media software that allows you to share images and videos on the web. Techcrunch has been studying Instagram trends since its launch. Down to their study, Instagram surpassed the threshold of 1 thousand monthly active users throughout 2018.

Moreover, Instagram currently is growing at a rate of five per cent per quarter, the very best among social media platforms. Therefore, Instagram should be your first alternative in showcasing your brand’s product and services. On this page, we will take you by way of some ways to use Instagram videos for engaging far more audiences.

Short Commercials

Make short, valuable videos that represent your brand. You may artistically showcase your product through all these videos. The commercial might be inspirational, funny, or dynamic. Instagram currently allows you to talk about a 60-second online video on your timeline.

With this short video, it is easy to seize the target audience’s attention. Likewise, short videos are best to share crisp information about your merchandise with you. You can share the industrial in Instagram stories, IGTV or the Instagram schedule.

Product details

Showcase your own product’s specifications or a ‘product in action’ video to show its capability. The focus might be important features to keep the actual viewers engaged. Keep the movie more informative and less detailed.

Attention to detail is the key to creating a cool and hot video. You can put the merchandise video in your brand’s Instagram page’s timeline for the market to see anytime. Creating this sort of random video attracts a great deal of attention.

Do it yourself videos.

An easy way to use Instagram videos is usually to create instructional content. ‘Do it yourself or ‘how to’ videos share your products working. This helps individuals to understand the product’s consumption. You can also create a troubleshooting video related to any problem your buyer might face.

To the point, the target market is liked as they get relevant data within a short span of your energy. By sharing such movies, you can build a romantic relationship with your existing customers.

Concealed from the public view video

Customers have become fussy in choosing a product. Therefore it is important to establish a connection with them. You can create behind the scenes movies that take them through trivia related to your product.

You may also conduct quick learning classes about tips and tricks related to your product usage. The fast forward video that Sheryl Cole has shared regarding her work will give some idea. You have to be inventive and smart in acquiring the right moments for your Instagram video.

Instagram Stories Online video

Instagram launched Insta testimonies in August 2016. You can share images or maybe videos with your followers for the 24-hour duration through testimonies. This limited span creates a sense involving urgency, and people tend to see the stories as they see a single active. You can use accounts in promoting your business as follows:

Sharing short-time deals is a good way to bring people to your products and services. You can set up the offer so that it can only be redeemed throughout the story’s lifespan. Once people become familiar with such deals, they will come for more.

Let a good influencer take over your Instagram handle to share a peek of the products and low-cost offers. A familiar face will certainly attract more audiences.

Go on Instagram

The best feature about Instagram is that you can steady live flow video. After you go live on Instagram, you will be at the forefront of your follower’s feed. Hence, there are excessive chances of your followers having with your live stream. They arrive to see your stream even if they aren’t physically part of the celebration.

Product previews, product emits, Q&A sessions, educational fields, etc . are some ways in which you may engage with your online audience. Should your event be pre-planned, you could promote it through emails and other social media platforms.

Bring in the manufacturers.

Give a personal touch to your stories by introducing your employees who have created your products and services. You can get the team people to share their journey within product development. Also, you can allow your employees to handle your brand’s Instagram account for a day.

They can share then details about their own work-life and the effort that goes into making the item. The employees can even conduct the Q&A session for the target audience to educate them about it. Such video sessions emotionally connect with the prospective audience and more views for your Instagram account.


If you aren’t incorporating the power of Instagram into your digital marketing campaign, you are missing out on something major. Instagram’s potential, if milked properly, can take your merchandise to new heights. You cannot find any perfect way to use Instagram video.

The techniques stated previously will help you get started in accomplishing this. You can even hire social media supervision agencies to help you promote your current products by creating several amazing video content.

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