8 Marketing Ideas for Financial Businesses

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Money makes the world go round. It may not buy you happiness, but it can make things that stress you out and make you unhappy go away. Since money touches the life of every individual, working in the financial services industry is highly competitive. Whether you’re in banking, accounting, insurance, consumer finance investments, etc., you must work hard to capture your clients’ attention. There are many tools to help you with your marketing materials. One example is the free video maker from

Carefully curated content will allow you to build a relationship with clients, so they’d be willing to entrust their hard-earned money to you. If you need ideas, check out eight marketing ideas to boost your financial services business.

Tackle Money Saving Tips

Every person who earns money likes to save more of it. So, create money-saving guides to show people creative ways to achieve their money goals. For example, you can make the following content to drive engagement:

  • Money-saving infographics for social media
  • Blog posts sharing tips on how to save money
  • Offer how-to save money guides using an accounting software
  • Use a free video maker to create money-saving Youtube Q&As

There are a lot of things you can do to provide money-saving advice. The key is to align it with your products. Although you can mention your brand, products, or services once or twice, don’t over self-promotion. Thus, make your content impartial to build your authority and gain people’s trust.

Provide Reviews of Different Products

Making objective review content is always effective because it shows you’re confident about your brand. You know that it can compete amidst other financial products out there. When you create review content, write about the pros and cons of all brands, including yours.

This technique of showcasing comparable features will give your audience the information they need to make an educated decision. While doing this comparative review, you must position your strongest points. It will demonstrate why your product stands out and entice your audience to inquire.

Show Testimonials of Satisfied Customers

When it comes to marketing, hard-selling is out! Today, modern viewers trust brands wherein actual consumers vouch for products. This is comparable to a word-of-mouth referral, which is the most trustworthy.

Thus, you must write case study articles or use your free video maker to create video testimonials. Use both to feature success stories coming from your satisfied customers. Use tons of images, statistics, and graphs to show proof of how your financial method works to bring positive results. In the end, include a catchy strong call to action so your audience will know how to get in touch with you.

Make Explainer Videos

If you’re comfy speaking directly in the camera, use your free video maker to create explainer videos. Creating high-quality content pushes you ahead of your competition. Most importantly, it shows your face, making your brand more personal, friendly, and trustworthy. When it comes to money, these values weigh a lot.

And even if you are camera-shy, you can create an animated explainer with the help of the free video maker. Even newbies can create animated ones with the help of templates and an easy user interface. Remember, modern people love videos because they learn a lot of information in a short span of time. So use explainers to:

  • Show your products
  • Explain about services
  • Help customers understand more about the brand
  • Expound on difficult concepts

Share Industry Stats

When sharing articles or video content, don’t forget to include statistics from reliable sources to support your points. Citing relevant data makes your content more credible and shows you have a lot of knowledge in your niche. It also encourages press coverage and supports SEO because you boost your authority. Here’s how to find relevant stats:

  • News sources
  • Primary research studies in your niche
  • Secondary data from journals

Debunk Myths and Fallacies

Social media is ripe with misinformation, and in a sensitive industry like finance, you cannot afford mistakes. Hence, use your free video maker to create short snippets that debunk false rumors. You can also make infographics or articles.

In fact, combining these elements can help your brand rank high. As an industry expert, your input on fallacies is highly appreciated. So go ahead and dole out your indispensable advice. In the era of fake news, people need to hear the truth.

Collate Industry News

You can create content that piggybacks on recent news events. Share your expert analysis on pressing issues. Ordinary, working people are hungry for information that they can easily understand. Thus, make sure your analysis puts the average person into consideration.

The more your target market understands, the more they are likely to trust you. So keep your eyes on the news and stay updated on industry news. Create content that your followers will appreciate. You can also collaborate with magazines and other sites to boost branding and gain precious linkbacks.

Create Interactive Content

People love answering quizzes, taking surveys, and using calculators. It would help to use free tools to create this interactive content for your page. For example, have them take a quiz like “What kind of spender are you?” or “What is your investment risk appetite?”

You can use this technique so that users will provide you with their personal data. Once you capture their contact details, you can also send them newsletters. At the same time, interactive elements allow you to keep them on your page a lot longer. Once they get their results, encourage them to share them with family and friends.

Final Words on Marketing With the Help of a Free Video Maker

Being in the financial business means you are surrounded by fierce competitors who are just as aggressive as you in attracting clients. Thus, you must think outside the box to stand out from them. Work hard on offering accurate information, giving sound advice, and showing your passion. When your authenticity translates on your page, people will be more willing to trust you.

And even if you don’t have any production experience, there are simple tools such as Promo Editor to help you with that. Sharing content online will effectively promote your business, thereby growing your audience base and converting them into clients.


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