A Guide to Choosing Kayaks for Fishing


Many people are into kayak fishing. This form of fishing is rising in popularity. But when you are getting into kayak fishing, you need to consider many things to get your hands on the best kayak. There are many factors to assess, like deciding between a kayak with pedals or pedal power. Ideally, a fishing kayak with a comfortable seat, paddle, and a swivel rod holder that is durable and compact is what you should aim to look for. Below are some essential purchasing tips to consider when picking a kayak for fishing. 

Assess the Type of Kayak

You can find two primary types of kayaks. These include the seat inside and sitting on top. In the former ones, the water stays inside till it gets emptied. They are a bit challenging to recover if they are flipped. In the latter, any water from the waves drains rapidly out of the scupper holes at its bottom. They feature an open design, which facilitates accessibility to cargo and room where you can mount accessories. Take into account whether you are fishing with a child or an acquaintance. In this case, you must invest in sit on top model.

Assess the Comfort of the Seat

When deciding on a kayak, you need to check the legroom. Find whether the seat will be able to adjust in a manner that permits pedaling or paddling when you bend your knees slightly. Assess the comfort the center provides by nestling your back into it. The seat must be comfortable since you’ll be sitting on it for hours on end. Look for one that’s elevated. It will keep your lower body dry and above the water that will be splashing into the boat. 

Take into Account the Stability

Stability is a significant factor when choosing kayaks. It must be not ‘tippy.’ If you want to stand up while fishing, do not purchase a V-shaped hull as they tip easily. Instead, find one that has a flat bottom. The more the width of the kayak, the better it is. So, look for one having a width of 70 cm or above. If you are a first-timer, explore those kayaks that are long and skinny. Waves can easily toss a small one. The most extended model will impart maximum stability.

Evaluate the Transportability of the Kayak

As more functionalities are put into a kayak, it becomes heavier. So, if you are purchasing one with many features, ensure that you know how you’ll move it. Will you put it on top of your vehicle’s roof, or will you put it on your truck’s bed? Maybe you’ll have to purchase a trailer. Whatever you do, ensure that none of these measures compromises your safety. 

Decide between a Pedal or Paddle Kayak

It’s essential to know if you want a pedal or a paddle kayak. Conventionally, kayaks are driven by paddles. However, most companies today offer pedal kayaks. One of their advantages is leaving your hands free for fishing. But they are less maneuverable and bulkier than other kayaks. Their pedal system is also less efficient in shallow water. But if you do purchase a pedal kayak, keep in mind to have a robust paddle as a backup with you.

Explore the various options of kayaks in the market carefully. A fishing kayak with a deep and wide profile and deluxe adjustable seat will keep you comfortable and the fishing platform stable. Additionally, consider with whom you will be fishing. Remember the points above to make a wise purchase. 

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