A Guide to Having More Fun and Playfulness in Your Relationship


My husband and I have a close relationship. We have taken three-week trips together and have been in constant contact. Even though we argue as every other couple does, we love spending time together anyway. As a result, we haven’t had to “take a break” or go into our “caves” to regroup. The Interesting Info about 性玩具.

Why? My hypothesis has two parts. We can spend so much time together because of our shared sense of humor, our willingness to respect each other’s privacy (even while we’re together), and our willingness to joke around and have a good time.

As I wrote this, I learned that the key to a happy relationship with another person first is to be satisfied with yourself. If you’re full of self-doubt, anxiety, and pessimism, you don’t have much to give anyone else than a bed to sleep in.

My spouse and I prioritize personal development and growth in all aspects of our lives, including work, spirituality, and relationships. We are both striving to improve ourselves and our relationships with others. All the good from living this way eventually filters into our interactions.

Although we are not without our disagreements and imperfections, I have often wondered what it is about us that makes our partnership so enjoyable and productive. Here is what I’ve come up with, and I hope you find this relationship helpful advice.

Take life a little less seriously.

I’ve fallen for the silly illusion of taking life too seriously more than a few times. For example, my spouse recently gave me attitude after he caused me to be late for an appointment by wanting to pick up a box from the post office first. The postal worker spent 20 minutes looking for his parcel but failed. I waited anxiously in the car while messaging him repeatedly to tell him I was running late.

As he went calmly to the car, I completely lost it. He is a jerk for not hurrying as though his life depended on it. After getting in the car, he took his time finding and donning his sunglasses before driving off. I was on fire!

The time for a gentle reminder to oneself not to take life too seriously has come and gone. Instead, I had to put him through interrogations designed to make him feel bad about his rude behavior. I was in the zone. I was holding on to my resentment tightly and refusing to let go. But for what?


Fortunately, he ignored my unfavorable reaction and started singing to the radio.

This is a JFZ (No Judgment Zone).

When he thinks I’m being unfairly critical of him, my husband will break into song with the same sentence. It helps me stop being judgmental and makes me laugh, too. Having honest and open conversations strengthens relationships on a personal level. The end of any relationship is marked by the inability of either partner to speak their mind freely and without fear of criticism.

We can’t perceive the good that lurks behind appearances when we’re too busy passing judgment. Wayne W. Dyer

Judging someone else establishes who you are: the judge, not the judge. Wayne W. Dyer

Quickly recover from setbacks.

A positive mood is far more valuable than resentment or hostility. I consider negative emotions poison and work hard to purge them from my system. I’ve gotten a lot better at letting go of distressing emotions quickly. I can now accomplish in minutes or seconds what once took me days. Just let it go; I’ve learned to do that. It’s lovely to be happy.

Keep Studying

When you stop growing, you become mundane. You are uninteresting if you never question anything, including your existence. My husband and I are avid students. It adds spice to our lives and our connection. Our “thing” right now is to schedule an adventure once a week. We went to a Bingo night last week, something we’d never done before. Ghost hunting is on the agenda for this week.

Transform the Boring into Insane Fun

Simply put, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself wherever you are. The way you look at things is crucial. The key is to act at will. Ignoring other people’s opinions and doing what you want to do. My husband and I do this frequently; we do it every day.

One morning, my spouse contacted me barely 10 minutes after leaving for work. His “hi” came after I answered. It meant a lot to me that he called to check in and say hello. A quick “bye,” and he was off the line. The humor almost took my life.

As if that weren’t enough, we also like transforming everything into a game. For example, while we see the previews in the theater, we often express our opinions on the movies by saying “yay” or “nay” after each.

It’s the little things like this that make life so much more enjoyable.

Never, ever compare. Give thanks.

How do you react when you receive praise for your efforts or who you are? Wow, right on! We can all relate to this statement. My husband is motivated to keep doing nice things for me because I let him know how much I appreciate it when he does them. Hearing him say I am a great woman motivates me to continue being one. Bringing attention to and valuing your partner’s strengths will attract even more of those strengths. If you dwell on the negative, you will continue to experience the negative. You get to make the call.

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