A Morning at Palm West Beach

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You wake up early in the morning, it’s the weekend, and it’s sunny in Dubai as always, so what are you planning to do? Join us at Palm Jumeirah, West Beach, for an unforgettable morning. If you’re not looking to swim and relax under the ocean breeze, there are other things you can do. So, here’s how you should spend a morning at Palm West Beach:

A Morning Workout at The Beach

Start your day with a morning workout while inhaling the fresh ocean breeze. Bring your matt and enjoy the golden shore. Working out next to the beach comes with its own benefits, and they include: 

Vitamin D 

While you might not lack vitamin D, but you may gain more from working out under the sun at Palm West Beach. With sunblock, you’ll have a good workout, build muscles, and get a good source of vitamin D from the sun. 

Stress Relief 

Kill two birds with one stone, as working out is good for your mental health, and so is the beach. So, working out at the beach will help reduce stress and anxiety with beautiful views, calming sounds, and clean air.

Extra Resistance 

Did you know that working out at the beach sand offers more resistance as it’s more intense in terms of movement? You will burn more calories, and your workout will be more challenging. So, are you up for the challenge? 

A Fun Workout 

Unlike a usual workout being surrounded by four walls, whether at the gym or at home, working out at the beach will surround you with a new environment, and with the sound of the waves, you’ll be as relaxed as ever. 

After the workout, you can always swim in the sea and enjoy a sunny beach day in Dubai.   

Take a Walk Along the Arabian Gulf Shore 

Turns out that Palm West Beach is not only a place to swim in Dubai, but you can also enjoy a relaxing beach walk alone, with your friends, or even with your dog, every morning. 

In fact, Palm West Beach is the longest beach strip on Palm Jumeirah, but there are a few rules to adhere to if you’re taking your dog for a walk.

Enjoy a Delectable Breakfast at Our Restaurants 

Get some vitamin sea and enjoy the most important meal of the day whether you live in Dubai or are on vacation. Enjoy morning breakfast at Palm West Beach’s beachside restaurants:

Jones the Grocer 

Grab a bite anytime during the day at Jones the Grocer. The fresh international eatery started in 1996 in Sydney and made it to join us at Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, to become one of the customers’ favorite breakfast spots in no time. 

Jones the Grocer is the first gourmet grocery store, it has the city’s first-ever walk-in cheese room, and a café with fresh international cuisine suitable for everyone. 

Koko Bay Weekend Breakfast 

Every Friday and Saturday, from 8am till 11am, Koko Bay starts the morning with their weekend welcoming everyone for a morning breakfast. The beachfront restaurant and bar serve Far East Asian-inspired food during weekdays with refreshing beverages at the beach and delicious breakfast dishes during the weekends. 

Dive into the Arabian Gulf 

Thinking about where to go in Dubai? Or places to swim? We’ve got you covered at Palm West Beach, where you can swim, tan, and relax. So, bring your towel and sunblock and choose the spot of your choice. 

Here are some places you can check out:

Aprons & Hammers Beach House

Beanbags, hammocks, and alfresco seating at Aprons & Hammers Beach House. They’ve got tower services, shower facilities, and seafood for when you get hungry later through the day. 

Beach by Five Palm Jumeirah 

Grab your sunscreen and tanning oil and head to Beach by Five; you’ll enjoy good music, a good tan, and comfy sunbeds. You can choose between swimming in the infinity pool, the sea, or the built-in hot tubs in the sand. 

Fairmont at the Palm

Are you heading for a beach vacation? Fairmont the Palm is one of many recommended vacation spots in Dubai. Not only does it include several swimming pools, one of the best beaches in Dubai, and plenty of facilities, but it’s located at Palm Jumeirah. This means it’s close for all you need to spend an extraordinary vacation in Dubai. 

Bottom Line

All in all, it’s not only about swimming at tanning at Palm West Beach, but you can also enjoy a morning meal, a workout, or even take a walk on the beach. We’re waiting for you, every day during the week or the weekend.

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