A Quiet Place Part 2 review- The Best Horror Masterpiece

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A Quite Place Part 2 review is arguably too tempting to pass up considering Krasinski’s success, with the film he co-wrote and directed. Unfortunately, it is the same with less tense suspense, a less concentrated tale, and a softened Blunt.

Three years since the adorable real-life pair John Krasinski and Emily Blunt stunned us with their rendition of an alien invasion. Since then, the globe has learned that snarling carnivores with tentacles and teeth aren’t required to bring the planet to a standstill.

Movie Info


  • Rating- PG-13 (Terror/Bloody/Disturbing Images/Violence)
  • Original Language- English
  • Director- John Krasinski
  • Producer- Michael Bay, Andrew Form, Brad Fuller, John Krasinski
  • Writer- John Krasinski
  • Release Date (Theatres)- May 28, 2021, Wide
  • Release Date (Streaming)- Jul 13, 2021
  • Box Office (Gross USA)- $160.0M
  • Runtime- 1h 37m
  • Distributor- Paramount Pictures
  • Sound Mix- Dolby Atmos
  • Aspect Ratio- Scope (2.35:1)

A Quiet Place Part 2 review

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A Quite Place Part 2 review- Impressive Plot

Part 2 picks up where the first film left off, in the haunted convenience store. Except for this time, the kitchen is humming with activity, and there’s a TV newscast about something ominous going on in Shanghai. In case; one has forgotten, a lingering shot on a toy rocket on the shelf serves as a trigger, bringing back all the awful memories from the first chapter.

Following that opening sequence, we are transported to the current day, more than a year later. The Abbot siblings are missing one brother and one father, but they have received a new baby as a result. The family’s situation is still not good. They must seek shelter elsewhere because their house is on fire. Evelyn (Emily Blunt) leaves with her children hours after giving birth to a child and arrives at the home of an old acquaintance, played by Cillian Murphy.

The horrors of the apocalypse, on the other hand, have transformed the companion almost totally. He has become jaded about assisting others in need as a result of his own unfortunate experiences. However, over the next few days, they are pushed to join hands for a shared cause, if reluctantly, with a few lessons on trust, hope, and finding traces of humanity in even the most awful of situations.

A Quiet Place Part 2 review

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Relentless Direction by Krasinski

Krasinski keeps the terror going even though the film’s heart is in the right place. Jump scares get used sparingly, and the dread comes from the anticipation. Before individuals fall, you can see the tripwire, and even the screams after they’ve been impaled come after a long wait. Because, more than a wounded foot, you’re afraid of what you’re screaming will bring in this world.

The characters are dispatched on their adventures, and reliable intercuts are employed to build tension evenly and effectively as we progress from one nightmare to the next. In a sleek, magnificent conclusion sequence that is almost poetry to witness, this approach is duplicated.

A Quiet Place Part 2 review

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A Quite Place Part 2 review- Stunning Sound Effects

The sound design is perhaps one of the winners this time around. Scenes from Regan’s (deaf) point of view are silent, with sound only coming back when the perspective alters, such as when she is touched or eventually detects a creature in her peripheral vision. The mournful theme by Marco Beltrami lets the survivors say their goodbyes to Lee and embark on a new adventure.


What is the genre of the film?

A Quite Place Part 2 is in the genre of Horror, Mystery & Thriller.

What is the IMDB rating of the film?

The movie is rated 7.3/10 on IMDB.

What is the rating of the film according to Rotten Tomatoes?

On Rotten Tomatoes the movie is rated 91% fresh.

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