Activate Your Control System With a Music Touch Panel


Music Touch Panel activates colorful LED lights and sounds at the touch of your hand, providing an auditory and visual sensory tool to help children develop attention, tracking skills, and cause-and-effect relationships. Learn the best info about راهنمای خرید تاچ پنل صوتی.

The Mezzo’s WM Touch allows for simple control of its routing matrix capabilities and dynamic music distribution system via an easy-to-use touchscreen panel powered over Ethernet (PoE). It can easily fit in any single-gang back box.

Product Description

Little musicians will adore this sparkling touchpad that plays fun songs to encourage musical exploration and teach cause and effect. Children can tap to make music, create shapes on the screen, and switch modes, all while developing sensory skills and learning about colors and shape recognition—perfect for developing their musicality!

This interactive light-up panel is a fantastic addition to any sensory wall and is excellent for autism sensory rooms or children’s nurseries. It lights up with an ever-changing rainbow wash of LED lighting that can be activated simply by brushing your hand over it—perfect for teaching tracking, encouraging communication, and color recognition! There are twelve programs to try that range from crosses, lines, and squares to mesmerizing rainbow effects!

This control panel was created explicitly for use with the Mezzo system and is powered by standard Ethernet over PoE (Power Over Ethernet). You can efficiently operate Armonia Plus to control it, and installation into a single-gang back box is quick and straightforward.

Product Features

The Music Touch Panel is an educational sensory light panel with lights that respond to sound. An effective learning tool, this device can assist students with color, shape, sound recognition, and cause-and-effect relationships in various learning environments such as schools, daycare centers, and children’s nurseries, as well as assessment centers. Simply select your mode, move your hand across the screen, and watch as the LEDs respond in mesmerizing ways; there are 10 modes available, so you’re sure to find one suitable for your environment!

WM Touch was explicitly created to integrate seamlessly into Mezzo routing matrices and is easily configured through ArmoniaPlus. Utilizing standard ethernet cables as power, this device enables control over sources, zones, and scenes through one 4.3″ touch screen and provides theft protection via its secured mounting plate.

In addition to its 4.3″ touchscreen display, the WM Touch offers touch-sensitive knobs and switches, which can be controlled using either its touchscreen interface or fingertip controls. At the touch of a button, you can alter output levels or activate/deactivate channels; long or short-pressing keys allow volume alterations as desired.

This touch panel is an excellent way for older people in care settings to share musical memories, create new songs, encourage group activities, and foster social connections. Furthermore, it can help reduce isolation—something often experienced in care settings—and develop communication and coping skills.

Our touch sound light panel combines many of the best features from previous products into an innovative sensory solution ideal for autism sensory walls and multi-sensory rooms. Instantaneously responsive to even delicate touches, its durable material will withstand years of regular usage in high-traffic spaces.

Product Specifications

AtlasIED’s BlueBridge Designer software and the MTX/MRX processor work together seamlessly, enabling this touchscreen to display all DSP settings for integrators. It fits into any US or Euro double-gang receptacle and uses a Power over Ethernet (PoE) power supply for seamless operation—eliminating external power supplies! Suitable for houses of worship, conference rooms, auditoriums, and hospitality environments where users need control of system sources and levels, its high-resolution touchscreen displays can display them all!

WM Touch is a PoE-powered wall-mounted touch panel that allows remote control of Mezzo Dynamic Music Distribution systems, including zone level and source selection, recall of system scenes, and switching the entire system on or off. ArmoniaPlus allows integrators to choose which controls they would like displayed on its screen; additionally, it easily fits into single-gang back boxes, comes in black or white finishes, and easily mounts.

Little musicians will love this twinkling musical touch panel! It provides benefits such as playing toe-tapping tunes and sweet melodies, teaching cause and effect, and encouraging musical discovery. Simply touch the surface to activate multicolored LED lights and sounds that help build attention, tracking, cause and effect, and color recognition skills for early development.

The BL-TOUCH10 is an easy and cost-effective solution for audio/visual control. Configuring it using its user-friendly graphical user interface makes this system compatible with most common smart home devices; connecting via standard CAT-5 cables with Crestron CEN-SWPOE-163 switches eliminates dedicated wiring requirements and lowers installation costs significantly—ideal for classrooms, daycare centers, assessment centers, sensory rooms, or autism sensory walls!

Product Options

Simply activate your control system with an easy touch panel designed for any lifestyle. Our in-wall touch panels offer high-resolution screens for effortless operation, providing room-to-room and whole-home paging via your distributed audio system. They come in various colors and button configurations, as well as wireless or low-voltage wired options.

Light Up Musical Touch Wall Transform any sensory space into an enjoyable learning environment with this light-reactive wall panel! Simply brushing your hand across it activates multicolored LED lights and sounds that light up a rainbow palette. Kids can select from a selection of pre-set programs designed to develop attention, tracking, cause-and-effect communication, and color recognition skills.

Optic imaging touch panels use multiple transparent electrodes arranged on an insulating glass cover to detect contact with fingers approaching the screen, changing electrostatic capacity among electrodes simultaneously when approaching. When someone touches their screen, electrostatic capacity among the electrodes immediately changes simultaneously with any contact attempts and determines an exact contact location. While optical imaging touch panels can work well with both hard-touch styluses and soft-touch styluses, their accuracy becomes compromised in the presence of water droplets, bugs, or contaminants on their surface.