Advance Protection to Data with Folders – Password Shield Folders With Script

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When you think of data protection, the primary and safest method that enters our mind is to code protect them. However, there are so many procedures on the Internet, and how do choose a suitable just one? And the method recommends for using most bloggers is to shield the folder with Script. Quick Tips On password protect folder windows 10.

Nevertheless, is it safe enough? Here we will move through this method. This Script will probably modify the property of the binder and rename the target binder, which will hide the binder at last. Once you enter the code in the script file, often the folder will be shown.

It just hides the binder instead of locking it. Other individuals can get access to data interior with simple operation. Therefore, this method is suitable for preventing people who do not know much about laptops or computers.

What is Batch Script?

The portion process could be regarded as a new simplified script trusted in DOS and Microsoft Windows systems. These scripts usually are with the extension of. Bolder? Or. Cmd. Besides, sometimes, the hand and changing files inside could be bothersome.

Because if you make a mistake, many scripts will be invalid. With a folder protected, this technique is easy to crack. Various other users need to make a function to show all hidden ring binders. Then your protected folders will not likely be under protection anymore.

Below we conclude the advantages and disadvantages of locking a binder with the Script:


  • Straightforward to go. The only thing you need to do is usually to save the Script and create the operation. It does not want any complicated process or maybe professional knowledge.
  • Whatever the scale target folder, the whole course of action will not take too much time.


  • Not safe and is easy always to be cracked.
  • In addition, it does not support you locking a batch involving one folder at a time.

And suppose you wish to get better protection for your ring binders. In that case, there are still other ways provided on the net, like using compression computer software equipped with password security function and some third-party binder lock software like Renee File Protector, which are specialized in folder lock and data protection. Besides, Glass windows account authority, and revealing settings are also helpful. Nevertheless, two methods are restricted by the situation.

And suppose you want to progress protection to your folders. In that case, you will still find other ways provided on the Internet, similar to using compression software that happens to be equipped with password protection purposes and some third-party folder freeze software like Renee Data file Protector, which are professional with folder lock and files protection. Besides, Windows bank account authority and sharing adjustments are also helpful, but these methods are limited by condition.

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