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Aggarwal Sweets – There is always a soft spot for sweets in our hearts. And with sweets, we also crave for some snacks to go with them. Well, if you are a ‘foodie’ who is in love with street food, we have the perfect place for you to try your hands on. It is none other than Aggarwal Sweets, which is a sweet shop that also serves quick bites. Their menu is a fusion of North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Street Food, and sweets. The availability of different cuisine is what makes them the first choice of people. Let’s get into more details and check out its characteristics.

Characteristics of Aggarwal Sweets

There are different traits of this place that make people visit Aggarwal Sweets again and again. What are these traits, and why does it make them so distinct? We will go deep in detail to seek the answer for you. Here are the characteristics of Aggarwal Sweets that makes them different from their competitors as below:

  1. Breakfast: There is a separate menu for breakfast where they serve dishes that we generally consume during the daytime at slightly lower rates than usual. Their breakfast is full of nutrition and super fresh.
  2. Fast Home Delivery: Their home delivery is speedy and smooth. They have the takeaway facility available. So you can order the food at the shop and ask them to pack it for you. Or you can straightaway order directly from your home.
  3. Desserts and Bakes: They have a variety of desserts and bakes with themselves. Some of them are Peda, Kalakand, BesankeLadoo, and many more. Aggarwal Sweets have taken care of people who are very fussy about their food. Hence, they serve numerous desserts and bakes so everyone can have something of their choice. 
  4. Indoor Seating: Aggarwal Sweets is a shop, but it also has indoor seating available. So if you want to enjoy the snacks and sweets, you can easily enjoy them in their outlet. 
  5. Customer Ratings: Their customer rating is around four stars. People found it very affordable and a place full of tastes. The quality of products and behavior of staff makes their environment more welcoming.

These were some of the unique attributes that make them what they are. Their exceptional quality of food and service is well known by locals and also appreciated. They successfully have set a benchmark for the upcoming entrepreneurs who wish to own their restaurant, café, or anything. 


In conclusion, if you like to try something new, you should give Aggarwal Sweets a try. You will instantly fall in love with their food and service. You can even request a bulk order for any of your occasions or event. It is a very hygienic place that reduces the fear of food poisoning among customers. The overall ratings and facilities suggest that it is a very economical choice that will provide good quality food products

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What would be the average cost if I want to dine in Aggarwal Sweets?

The average cost for two people in Aggarwal Sweets is Rs. 300 (approx). However, this amount does not consist of taxes and other charges they may apply.

What are the well-known dishes that Aggarwal Sweets is famous for in India?

Some of the popular dishes of Aggarwal Sweets are Rabdi Ice Cream, Paneer Noodles, Samosa, Chole, Snacks, etc.

What are the customer reviews of this place?

All the tourists and even the local people highly recommend this place. It is pocket-friendly, good quality, prompt service, and has a packing facility.

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