Air Jordan 1 Bloodline 2.0 shoes – beauty inspired by Chicago


The Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG colorway “Bloodline” was released on Halloween 2019. As one of the best-selling JD1 pairs, it has an extremely affordable resell price. This pair of Jordan 1 Bloodline style is really good looking, compared to black and red, Chicago and other colors are really good, I am looking forward to the re-enactment of the color scheme earlier this year.

The Jordan 1 Bloodline shoes are one of those rare shoes that possess hidden beauty but are extremely receptive. Each shoe is a story, a mysterious message that the designer wants to convey. Jordan 1 Bloodline is considered to have a design quite similar to Jordan 1 Gym Red.

Highlights of the Nike Air Jordan 1 Bloodline Shoe

White leather material adds beauty and visual dynamism to the overall outfit of the Jordan 1 Bloodline, and adds accents when combining red laces and soles. Usually the insole is the part that no one notices and is also less cared for, but in this Jordan 1 Bloodline shoe, Jordan Brand designed the insole with the words: “WHO SAID MAN WAS NOT MEANT TO FLY”. The text is printed in red on a black background, creating a mysterious and interesting feeling, right?

Jordan 1 Bloodline

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