Aircon Servicing Singapore


When searching for aircon servicing Singapore companies, look for those with proven expertise and impeccable reputations. Opt for firms offering transparent pricing plans. Finally, choose the best Aircon servicing in Singapore.

Your aircon filters help keep the environment safe by filtering polluted particles. Still, over time they may become clogged with debris, restricting airflow and potentially encouraging the growth of bacteria and mold.


Expert aircon service by trained professionals could save you money in the long run. They will advise on ways to cut energy costs by suggesting more efficient units or installing additional features to insulate against Singapore’s humid heat.

Dirty aircon coils can force your AC to work harder, leading to higher electricity costs and compromised indoor quality. Regular cleaning of your aircon coils can alleviate these issues by clearing away accumulated dust and dirt build-up.

Some aircon servicing companies provide comprehensive services such as chemical and steam cleaning. Others may only offer essential services. When selecting an aircon servicing provider, always carefully consider their scope of work and costs before deciding. Ideally, they should offer upfront quotes with transparent processes – without charging you for extra services you may not require.


Aircon servicing typically involves inspection, cleaning, and sometimes chemical washing or a complete overhaul. Once at your home, a technician will perform an initial evaluation to ascertain which services your air conditioner requires, whether general cleaning, chemical wash, or overhaul.

As this area is where dirt and dust tend to collect, this part of the service technician’s inspection includes cleaning its fan evaporator coil in-depth and draining and chemically cleansing its drainage system to prevent future water leakage problems. He will also lubricate fan bearings so they operate quietly.

Your aircon’s blower wheel will also be thoroughly cleaned, as even small amounts of dirt can impede its airflow performance and create unnecessary strain on the system. He will also drain and clean out your condenser and all hoses, filters, connections, and gas systems and top up as required.


DW Aircon is one of the highest-reviewed companies in Singapore, with more than 1,000 5-star reviews, and they offer free WhatsApp consultations to diagnose aircon problems and recommend suitable solutions. They can also assist you in selecting an aircon unit ideal for your home and budget, along with money-saving tips.

Coldway Aircon Service in Singapore offers quality aircon servicing at competitive and transparent rates with customer-oriented technicians and affordable and transparent rates. Their staff is constantly trained and certified for top-quality service delivery; additionally, they offer quarterly or tri-yearly maintenance contracts at highly affordable rates and emergency aircon repair.

Luce Aircon offers comprehensive aircon servicing solutions, such as cleaning, chemical washing, chemical overhauls, refueling, and repair for all brands and types of air conditioning units. Their technicians utilize advanced technologies like HydroJET and ChemJET to safely remove stubborn dirt from ducts, drain pans, and coils while protecting the environment and your family’s wellbeing.


Singapore is home to numerous independent aircon servicing companies, each boasting its own set of advantages. Some offer more affordable pricing while others are more experienced or professional – the key is finding one with which you feel safe trusting for all your air conditioning needs.

DW Aircon stands out among Singapore aircon servicing companies thanks to its top-quality service, reasonable pricing, and free gas top-up for new customers. In addition, their technicians are fully certified and capable of managing any brand and model. Plus, it’s open daily so that appointments can be scheduled at times that suit you!

Our SMART Pricing technology generates real-time quotes based on client requirements, using artificial intelligence technology that ensures clients receive competitive prices. Credit/debit cards, PayNow, Google Pay, and Apple Pay payments are accepted, as well as digital copies of invoices and service agreements that simplify record-keeping.

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