All About Supplements to Treat Joint Pain

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If you stay active and eat healthily, you will have healthy joints. Arthritis is not one disease, but it is used to refer to many conditions that affect the joints in your body.

People with arthritis experience discomfort and pain from knuckles to hips and wrists. Joint pain can affect people of all ages, but the severity of the pain varies. Nearly four million people in Australia have encountered the same health condition, including more than six thousand children.

There are numerous supplements for joint pain available on the market. Painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines are the best treatments for joint pain. Most people use medications and meditation (pain management techniques) to cope with joint pain. Surgery is required to repair or replace damaged joints in serious cases.

Joint pain – Overview

Gout, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis are the three common types of arthritis in the country. Arthritis symptoms differ from one person to another, but the signs are directly associated with joints. Pain, swelling in a joint, redness, and stiffness are all symptoms of arthritis. Besides, people have also experienced common symptoms like tiredness and weight loss.

Arthritis causes are not entirely known, but a fault in the immune system is considered to be the main reason. It results in the body striking its own tissues in the joints, and joint pain is also inherited genetically.

Obesity is one of the main reasons which puts strain on joints, and sports injuries in the past can provoke joint pain. People who smoke and don’t indulge in enough physical activity have higher risks of arthritis.

How Do Joint Pain Supplements Work?

Arthritis and similar conditions result in joint pain and stiffness. Supplements, a healthy diet, exercises and herbal treatments are effective ways to treat the medical condition.

Numerous supplements for joint pain are available on the market, and they work in various ways, depending on the ingredients. A few supplements will improve joints’ cartilage health, whereas others decrease inflammation in joints. Check out some of the top supplements you can use for joint pain.

Various Types of Supplements

Whether you take glucosamine or green tea, every supplement specified below has shown incredible benefits in people suffering from joint pain. If you want a supplement to treat joint pain, connect with a healthcare professional in the first place. The names specified below can interact with your current medications, so it is better to have a clear opinion from a doctor who knows your medical history.

Glucosamine is found in healthy cartilage, a natural compound crucial for bone health. This compound safeguards the end of bones, allowing them to move without friction. The levels of glucosamine reduce as people get older, and taking the right supplement will be helpful. Glucosamine sulfate is used in many medications, which incorporates anti-inflammatory properties and assists with cartilage regeneration.

Chondroitin is yet another component found in cartilage that helps joints retain water. Chondroitin is a good choice for people with mild osteoarthritis and is usually blended with glucosamine in medications.

Omega-3 fatty acids are considered to be effective supplements for joint health. Individuals can boost their body’s ability to generate chemicals that hinder inflammation with these supplements.


Research suggests that many supplements have been found effective in improving joint health. You can include glucosamine and chondroitin supplements along with a daily intake of green tea and turmeric. You can also contain vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids in your diet to improve joint health.

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