Aranmanai 3 movie review: Amazing Tamil horror comedy


The horror-comedy genre is slowly growing up in India. The Aranmanai 3 movie review brings you a movie in this genre. The Tamil movie is going to be the third part of the Aranmanai series. Most of us know some popular movies in this genre. Let us know in brief about this film, in this review.

Sundar C is the director behind the creation of these films. This film has a big star cast has already become a box office success. The genre of comedy and horror have a large fan base individually. Hence, the mix of the two genres earns good fortunes almost all the time.

The story is the most pivotal part which the audience looks up to in a ghost movie. Yet, most of the horror comedies have disappointed Indian cinema. Let us see what this film has to offer to its fans. The Aranmanai 3 movie review will cover it in brief.


What is the plot of the film?

A ghost story must have a strong base. Any franchise must have a deep plot to have more parts in a series. And as this is the third part of the series, so it’s sure to have a fan base. Sundar C is a well-known name in the industry. And he has directed successful installments of this series since two thousand and fourteen.

The third part of Aranmanai seems to have a simple plot with many turns. It is a revenge story of a mother who lost her child. The ghost of the mother is at the base of the story. So, will her revenge be fulfilled? How many people will be killed by her? Who killed her child? We will face these questions in the movie. So make sure and enjoy the third art of the Aranmanai series.

Describe the main characters in the film?

Aranmanai 3 movie review

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The various characters playing a leading role in this movie are:

  1. Ravi: Played by Sundar C. He is a father and a divorced husband in the film.
  2. Saravanan: Played by Arya. He is an electrician in love and the male lead.
  3. Jyothi: Played by Raashi Khanna. She is the female lead and love interest of Saravanan.
  4. Eeshwari: Played by Andre Jeremiah. The mother whose haunted soul is the ghost in the film.
  5. Hema: Played by Sakshi Agrawal. She is the divorced wife of Ravi.
  6. Sigamani: Played by Vivek. He is a failed politician and a brother-in-law of Ravi.

These are the main leads in this horror comedy. The film has many other actors and a star cast. The third part of the Aranmanai is already a popular film.

What is the IMBD rating of the movie and its reviews?

The IMBd rating of the film is 4.3 stars out of ten. Despite all the negative reviews, the film is a box office success. The horror-comedy genre is entertaining. And the Aranmanai series has a good fan base for success. All thanks to the storyline & brilliant acting efforts of the movie cast.

Watch the movie with your friends and family who are interested in this genre. And see for yourself if it is worth it. The Aranmanai 3 movie review has a mixed response for the film. With different tastes, people give their opinions. Watch it yourself and give your opinion about the movie.

Aranmanai 3 movie review

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When is it going to release?

On fourteen October 2021, the film will release.

Will the movie be released in theatres?

Yes, it will release in theatres.

How long is the movie?

It is two hours and thirty-five minutes long.

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