AT&T Stock – What to Look For in Your Next Stock Purchase


Among the top ten largest companies in the United States by revenue, AT&T is a highly-recognized name. The company is also one of the largest providers of mobile telephone services in the country. The company’s headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. In addition, AT&T has a strong presence in the technology sector, offering 5G and fibre services.

AT&T’s growth in 5G and fiber

During Analyst & Investor Day for 2022, AT&T executives revealed plans for growth in 5G and fibre. AT&T plans to build out its core fiber network, increase its customer location count, and expand its business broadband offering. During the next five years, AT&T expects to add more than a fifth of its customers to its consumer and business networks.

The company’s fiber footprint is growing quickly, increasing by more than 200,000 net subscribers in each quarter of the past year. The company’s fiber network will grow to more than 30 million locations by 2025. In addition to its growing fiber footprint, AT&T is also expanding its mid-band 5G spectrum deployments. Using a combination of high-band, mid-band, and low-band spectrum, AT&T is building a more robust network.

At the end of last year, AT&T had approximately 18.5 million fiber locations. This is an increase from the 14.5 million locations at the end of Q2 2021. The company has taken on new fiber projects in more than a dozen states.

AT&T’s dividend

Those looking to increase their income through dividend investing will find that AT&T’s dividend has the potential to offer great value. However, this may not be the right company for your portfolio. While the company has a decent dividend growth history, the stock has also lost a significant portion of its value over the past year. Whether you’re looking to invest in a solid, safe dividend stock or find a high-yielding company that will give you passive income, you need to know what to look for in your next stock purchase.

For starters, AT&T has the most significworld’s ant net debt position of any non-financial corporate borrower. As a result, it will continue to weigh on the Dividend Cushion ratio. The company is currently at a debt-to-adjusted EBITDA ratio of 3.22x.

In addition, AT&T is one of the few companies in the telecom space that generates a significant amount of free cash flow. This cash can be used for buybacks, debt reduction, or other uses. The company reported that it generated $9.69 billion in dividends in 2013 – a significant return for the buck.

AT&T stock forecast

Despite being one of the oldest telecom companies in the world, AT&T is in the midst of a transition. The company recently elected a new CEO, John Stankey, and plans to leverage its assets and divest non-core businesses.

During the fourth quarter, the wireless division beat estimates on revenue, free cash flow, and postpaid phone subscribers. The company also reaffirmed its 2022 wireless service revenue growth guidance. In addition, the wireless unit saw churn drop to 0.76%. The company is accelerating its rollout of 5G in the US and has made significant investments in its network.

AT&T shares are expected to rise in the coming months. The company also plans to pay a dividend of $0.28 per share, down from $0.52 per share last year. The prize will help restore confidence in the company’s leadership.

The company expects to see connected devices, smart homes, and gaming trends. It also expects to see a rise in work-from-home activities. The company also predicts that it will be able to increase its data traffic fivefold by the end of 2025.