Sticky Notes Windows 10- Making best Multitasking Easier!

Sticky Notes Windows 10

Recording thoughts becomes easy when all your notes are readily available within your clenched fist. Whether it is research work or any normal activity, with sticky notes Windows 10 it will become easy to keep your notes above all your windows. The app is free-to-download and is supportive of the following platforms:   Xbox One Windows 10 …

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Microsoft App Store- Know the important facts

Microsoft App Store

  Presently, Microsoft App Store which was previously known as Windows store is the amalgamation of several apps which can be downloaded in both desktop and android mobiles. It started from Windows 8 to distribute the apps. Later it got associated with several other distribution platforms from where it can make a unified distribution point for several …

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Microsoft authenticator – The best security app!

Microsoft Authenticator

Presently, Microsoft authenticator is one of the best security apps for two-factor authentication purposes. It can compete directly with Authy, Google authenticator, and LastPass authenticator, and others. You can easily use this app for your security purpose. In June 2016, it was launched. This app works very securely. You need to log into your account …

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365scores – Do you want to know about the best 365Scores app?


Presently, there are several apps available for sports but the 365scores app is one of the best apps! If you are a crazy cricket fan and want to know the score on every match, then you should choose this app. Online through which people can check and see a live update on different sports like …

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BBC Cricket, Providing International best Commentary on Key Series!

Bbc Cricket

What happened if you did not get a chance to attend a live cricket match? The live commentary by BBC Cricket on television will make you feel as if you are sitting at the stadium. With no harassment and zero tension, you will be able to come across the glimpses at your comfort.   Accessing Information Remains …

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Office word online and it’s best features!

Office Word Online

Office word online does one of the essential parts and most of the companies prefer it! Office 365 is the online version of Microsoft Word. Almost every person who is using the computer for the last thirty years they are very much accustomed to the PowerPoint, word, excel. Millions of modern people use this tool …

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What is the excel app? Exclusive Pros and cons of excel app!!!

Excel App

The Excel App allows you to create; edit, view share your files along with others very easily and quickly. Microsoft Excel is the best mobile app for any type of updating, reviewing, spreadsheet creation on Android and Apple phones and tabs. You can create powerful spreadsheets easily and also can edit any documents and collaborate them. …

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