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Whether you’re looking to try a new restaurant in Mumbai or have always wanted to try Bastian in Worli, you’ve come to the right place. Our menus are taken straight from the restaurant’s website or by email and are subject to change. Therefore, the information contained herein should be treated with a grain of salt.

Bastian opened in Mumbai’s Worli in 2016

The new Bastian restaurant in Worli is an ultra-luxe version of its popular Bandra branch. The venue is set in a modern bohemian style and boasts an impressive ceiling, an unusually tall bar, and a private dining section. The restaurant promises to follow the highest standards of hygiene.

Shilpa Shetty, entrepreneur and co-owner of the Bastian chain of restaurants in Mumbai, posted a sneak peek of the restaurant’s forthcoming location on Instagram. She tagged the picture with the hashtag #ComingSoon. The restaurant’s interiors feature Asian-inspired cane-weave mat fans, cacti, and lush foliage. The vibrant, colourful charger plates also add to the overall boho-chic vibe.

While dining at Bastian, be aware that there are only a limited number of seats. The ambience is aesthetically pleasing, and the food is excellent. The food is also presented in a very creative manner. The menu is varied, and dishes are prepared to order.

Bastian opened in Mumbai’s Worli in 2011

Bastian, a popular seafood restaurant in Bandra, has recently opened a new restaurant in Worli. This new location is designed to look like a grand Greek hall, with a 40-foot ceiling, a 28-foot bar, and a funky elevator. The restaurant seats up to 200 guests. California and South East Asia cuisine inspire the cuisine at Bastian.

The restaurant is co-owned by Shilpa Shetty, an actress and entrepreneur. Shilpa Shetty shared pictures on Instagram, tagging the location as “Bastian Worli” with the hashtag #ComingSoon. The restaurant’s interiors are sleek and modern, and candles are used to decorate the walls.

Shilpa Shetty and Riteish Deshmukh were spotted at the restaurant. Riteish’s brother Dhiraj was present, but not Deepshika Bhagnani, the restaurant’s manager.

Bastian opened in Worli in 2016

The new outlet of Bastian in Worli, Mumbai, is a high-end extension of the popular Bandra restaurant. The new venue features an ultra-modern design, a high ceiling, a long bar and a private dining area. The restaurant offers a delicious menu and a wide selection of beverages and desserts.

Bastian’s food is fresh and authentic, and the portions are generous. The restaurant is also vegetarian-friendly. The restaurant’s chef, Kelvin Cheung, was previously associated with Ellipsis and One Street Over. Bastian boasts a long list of celebrity fans.

While the interiors of Bastian Worli are sleek and upscale, the atmosphere is casual. The space features a high-ceiling bar and a DJ. The decor is very neutral, with shades of blue and brown.

Bastian opened in Worli in 2011

Bastian has become one of the hottest hangouts for Bollywood stars in Mumbai. This popular eatery has recently expanded to Worli. The brand, which originated in Bandra, has reinvented itself to suit the neighbourhood in South Bombay. Shilpa Shetty, co-owner of the Bastian chain, shared a picture on her Instagram with the caption, “Coming soon!” The restaurant is set in a modern, spacious space with candlelight and a sea view.

Bastian has a reputation as a seafood restaurant and is popular among Bollywood stars. The restaurant has recently opened in Worli, offering a similar, yet more relaxed atmosphere. The Worli location is reminiscent of a grand Greek hall and boasts a forty-foot ceiling. It is also home to a funky elevator and seating for 200 people.

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