Benefits of Custom Concrete Coatings


Refinishing concrete can be an efficient and cost-cutting way of repairing existing surfaces without replacing them, saving both time and money in the process. Uncover the best info about Armor Gleam Coatings.

Reputable manufacturers create materials that work together seamlessly, facilitating installation while also helping avoid issues during setup or in the long run. This makes the process quicker and simpler while helping reduce any potential complications along the way.


Concrete is a durable building material that stands up well to normal wear and tear while also being resistant to extreme weather conditions and other natural (or artificial) disasters. Furthermore, its cost-effectiveness makes it cost-competitive with other more fragile building materials like wood. Plus, it helps conserve natural resources through energy conservation during its production! Furthermore, its long lifespan makes concrete an eco-friendly building material!

Durability in concrete refers to its ability to resist weathering action, chemical attack, abrasion, and other forms of degradation while maintaining its original form, quality, and engineering properties. Durability depends on a number of variables related to its ingredients – their proportioning, interactions, and curing methods, as well as how easily placed or finished, tested, inspected, and fixed. A durable mix must be easy and fast for anyone to finish off, strong enough to withstand gravity forces as intended and resist freezing-thawing action well as resist chlorides that penetrate its structure, contributing to steel corrosion well, and be resilient sufficient against other environmental conditions like air and water pollution.

Durability is a crucial consideration when selecting concrete for construction projects, so its durability should not only meet playability and strength requirements but also possess low permeability and shrinkage rates to prevent water loss that could compromise the structure. To do this, an optimal mix of aggregates must be utilized along with enough air entrained into it – this requires planning and careful air distribution management in the form of air pockets in the mix.

Water-repellant concrete coatings are perfect for commercial spaces like restaurants and office buildings, where heavy machinery may wreak havoc on floors. Concrete coatings can be applied over existing or newly formed concrete surfaces and come in an assortment of colors and designs to meet this need.

Refinishing concrete surfaces using a concrete coating is more economical and faster than replacing them, takes only hours to complete, and gives your driveway, patio, or floor an updated appearance. Furthermore, this technique will increase home value – an invaluable asset if you plan on selling your property later on!


Even though concrete may conjure images of brutalist architecture, its aesthetic potential is increasingly being recognized. Interior design, landscape architecture, and even art all utilize its beauty thanks to innovative solutions developed to combine durability with aesthetics.

Decorative concrete goes beyond stamping or staining; it is an artistic approach to concrete that transforms its surfaces into unique environments. You might recognize these finishes on driveways, patios, and commercial spaces such as restaurants or offices. Etching gives concrete an eye-catching textured finish that’s both durable and stylish.

Polished concrete is another popular way to improve the aesthetics of concrete surfaces. This smooth finish is less susceptible to scratches and helps hide imperfections within the material itself – perfect for high-end commercial projects as it creates an immediate positive first impression.

Staining concrete is an ideal way to add color and depth to a surface. The staining process uses regular printing ink dissolved in alcohol, which is then painted over the surface of the concrete to produce vibrant hues with multiple shades. This technique can be employed on small residential projects as well as larger-scale commercial endeavors.


Concrete coatings add tremendous value to your property by elevating its look and feel, protecting against cracking and staining and making cleanup more accessible in high-traffic areas. Furthermore, many coatings also boast non-slip properties, which reduce slip-and-fall accidents.

At Southwest Exteriors, our durable polyurea or polyaspartic concrete coatings will add significant resale value to any property that we coat, making your garage floor even more appealing and likely to sell. Incorporating concrete coatings into driveway or sidewalk renovation projects can increase curb appeal as well as the resale value of a home.

Professional concrete coating projects require thorough preparation to produce long-term and beautiful results. Depending on the type of coating chosen, this may involve acid etching, chemical washing, sandblasting, grinding/profiling, and other surface prep methods – depending on what will best serve the intended purpose and timeframe for completion of this particular concrete coating project. A professional can advise on which is appropriate based on time and cost considerations.

When searching for a concrete coating contractor to use in your home or business, experience is critical. Selecting an experienced team that understands the latest product innovations is vital. An expert team can guide you toward choosing the ideal option to meet both your budgetary constraints and individual needs – and ensure it gets done correctly!

Concrete coating can completely change the look and feel of any room or area in your home. An investment that will pay dividends over time, it’s definitely worth making the initial cost worthwhile. Southwest Exteriors specializes in quality concrete coating services for commercial, industrial, and residential clients – offering personalized quotes tailored specifically to each project with integrity, quality, and customer service in mind. We take great pride in serving our community.


Concrete coatings upgrade your home’s appearance while saving money on repairs and replacement of damaged concrete surfaces. Their durable cover is water-resistant and hydrophobic, helping reduce staining risk and being less susceptible to scratches and marks than traditional flooring options.

Once your new concrete surface has been installed, it must be maintained correctly. Routine cleaning and resealing will keep it looking stunning for years. Concrete professionals recommend using high-quality acrylic products on aggregate surfaces (every 2-3 years), while water-based sealants should be applied every 3-5 years to regular concrete or broom finishes (depending on the surface type).

Decorative concrete surfaces are subject to environmental stresses, just like any exterior surface. Wind can carry dirt particles that etch or stain it, while acid rain in polluted areas can erode it further. Salt used to melt ice in northern climates may soak into the concrete and freeze inside it before expanding and cracking it, further degrading its appearance and damaging its surface.

An excellent concrete sealer provides an effective protective shield to shield concrete against stains, moisture penetration, and UV damage while increasing its lifespan. Regular sealing sessions save both time and money through reduced maintenance requirements and the reduced need for regular cleaning – saving both precious time and effort in cleaning needs.

Stains from oil, grease, WD40, and other petroleum-based products can penetrate concrete surfaces and leave lasting stains. When exposed to UV rays, integrally colored concrete may also experience color loss from this exposure. To protect yourself against such issues, keep the surface well sealed while using a cleaner that’s tailored specifically towards its type of surface.

Concrete coatings are an attractive choice for both residential and commercial projects, offering durability, aesthetics, and cost efficiency – ideal for surfaces requiring extensive upkeep or upgrade to poor-condition concrete surfaces – as well as increasing home value.

When selecting a concrete coating company, they must be experienced and trustworthy. References should be available along with knowledge regarding different coatings available, as well as answers to any queries that arise regarding their application. Furthermore, they should work together with you to develop a maintenance plan tailored specifically for you and your specific needs.

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