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Best Game of the year Details:

Best Game of the year – Innovations in mobile gaming are being formed by exciting new technology that allows multiplayer video gaming. This article is an interview that displays a discussion between a cellular industry blog and the Controlling Director of Viva Los Angeles Mobile. It highlights the current state of the cellular gaming market and looks towards the future trend of multiplayer mobile gaming.

Interviewer: Hello David, thanks for taking the time to talk with us. We have been having a large amount of fun with Super Challenge Bobble Multiplayer and cannot wait for Viva to drop an additional hit! But before we continue, can you please tell the prospect a little bit about Viva Los Angeles Mobile and what you men do over there?

David: Pleased to chat and very happy to find out you enjoyed Puzzle Bobble Multiplayer.

Best Game of the year – So little qualifications first. Viva La Mobile phone is a mobile games creator and publisher based on a Quarterly report I co-founded in 03. We have a great deal of experience building and creating mobile game titles of all kinds, but our area of expertise is multiplayer. We created real-time multiplayer on phones by using the features available on 3 G networks and handsets.

Best Game of the year –  At the beginning of our history, we didn’t target the ‘low suspending fruit’ end of the marketplace and try to provide something different for you to mobile gamers. I have always wished to maintain Viva La Mobile’s position as an innovator instead of a follower. This can be risky for the mobile games industry, but it is undoubtedly more fun for a tool.

Interviewer: I have a love/hate relationship with the iPhone. I adore it because it’s very first cool. I wouldn’t say I like it because it’s not found in Australia, and the lack of 3 G makes me wonder precisely what Apple was smoking.

Best Game of the year – What exactly is it about the iPhone that makes getting referrals so fun? Is there a remarkable difference between regular cellular games and iPhone video games? How do you think the iPhone will undoubtedly impact the Australian cellular games market when it lastly arrives?

David: To be honest, We have not done much work to look into games within the iPhone, probably because We don’t have one! My see, though, is that the iPhone is little more than a beautiful top-end handset with games to match. This is similar to Nokia’s brand new N-Gage-enabled handsets. Typically, the games might be great; nevertheless, it is a small area of the overall market at the end of the day.

Best Game of the year – So when the Apple iPhone arrives, it will catch a share of the marketplace and probably lift the of mobile phone games within the eyes of consumers, which is a positive thing. In the end, we plan to focus on it as just another phone between the hundreds we already attempt to reach. As for the lack of 3-G, I am still shaking the head in wonder, although I hear it’s arriving very soon.

Interviewer: There’s no discussion that Viva La Cellular is the authority on Multi-player Mobile Games. Will multiplayer mobile games be upcoming? Will every single mobile video game have multiplayer functionality?

John: Multiplayer on mobile offers enormous growth potential, and I believe as the 3G market grows, you will find advanced multiplayer video games being played in higher and greater numbers because of the faster connectivity and the propensity of 3G users to really ‘use’ the features of their telephones.

Best Game of the year – However, I don’t believe that much mobile game will have * multiplayer functionality – not every sport needs it. I think it is vital that a multiplayer game always be specifically designed for multiple people in the first place, rather than simply tacking on a multiplayer mode to your game that is made as a single player.

Best Game of the year – There will regularly be great single-player games in which aren’t conducive for you to play against opponents. However, when you have a great game that allows you to directly defeat your friends or maybe other players from over the world, it takes the competitive and social aspects of gaming upwards a level. Mobile phones are an excellent channel for multiplayer games since they’re designed for connectivity and world-wide interaction. At Viva Chicago Mobile, we have always managed that it is more fun to play along with someone else than to play with yourself.

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