Best hidden halo engagement ring designs in UK


One of the prime reasons why diamonds are a popular choice for rings is because they sparkle and exude an elegance which cannot be matched by other stones. Over the years, several diamond ring designs have been introduced in the jewellery market with the idea to keep offering something new to the customers. One such diamond ring design was the halo ring design in which the diamond center stone was surrounded by a row of tiny diamonds around its perimeter. This design became quite a hit among the customers and continues to be a crowd favourite. 

A few years ago, a variant of the halo design called as the hidden halo ring design was launched. This design was highlighted by the diamond halo being placed below the girdle of the center diamond so that it remained hidden from sight. The hidden halo design being more elegant has slowly made a place for itself in the jewellery market with the millennial customers opting for a more sophisticated looking ring. Today, the most popularly purchased engagement rings are the halo engagement rings and hidden halo engagement ring UK. Let’s have a look at the best hidden halo engagement ring designs available in the UK today.

Solitaire hidden halo ring design

Since a very long time the solitaire diamond engagement ring has been the choice of ring for marriage proposals. However, a few years back, with women wanting their rings to have a unique design shifted their focus from solitaire rings. However, recently the solitaire rings gained back their popularity because of their simple beauty and also because the standard design could be tampered a little so as to make them unique. The hidden halo ring design when added to a simple solitaire ring design adds extra brilliance to the stone without actually changing the design. This makes the ring stand out. The halo beneath the stone is not visible but can be seen only when the ring is viewed at an angle.

Three stone hidden halo design

The three stone ring or the Trilogy ring gained fame when Prince Harry proposed Meghan Markle with a trilogy ring. These rings when enhanced by the hidden halo design look absolutely royal with each diamond having a sparkle of its own. The three stone hidden halo design makes for a great engagement ring because of its special design and meaning.

Coloured diamond hidden halo design

Coloured diamonds have become the stone of choice for people who are looking to add a little colour to their engagement rings. Diamonds of different colours have been used to make such rings which not only look beautiful but give a quirky touch to the ring design. The rings made of coloured diamonds with a hidden halo design gives a fresh look to the entire ring design. You can choose to add colourless diamonds or coloured diamonds in the hidden halo.

Hidden halo design with a contrasting band

White gold or platinum are the usual metals chosen for a diamond ring because they complement the colourless diamonds. However, having contrasting bands such as yellow gold, rose gold or metal bands with pave set coloured lab grown diamonds UK with a hidden halo ring design truly gives a distinctive look to the engagement rings.