Best Software Development Companies in Minneapolis


When it comes to software requirements for businesses in Minneapolis, many options exist. There are companies providing custom development solutions tailored specifically for each unique requirement of each client.

Emergent Software is a technology solutions provider offering a full suite of services from technical consulting to full system builds. Their team of Microsoft specialists includes full-stack developers, SQL Server database administrators, UI/UX designers and project managers who collaborate seamlessly.


Innowise is a premier software development and IT consulting company offering digital solutions to both IT-focused organizations as well as non-IT entities. Their team of 450+ IT specialists boast the capability of quickly completing complex projects on schedule.

Innowise provides services in user interface (UI/UX) design, web and mobile development, 3D designs, software testing, quality assurance (QA), business analysis and DevOps to clients in healthcare/life sciences, finance/banking/commerce retail sectors; hi-tech/innovation sectors as well as education sectors.

Bitwise IO

Bitwise IO, located in Minneapolis, offers software engineering services including architecture consulting, development and DevOps. Their experienced engineers assist clients in tailoring solutions that fit their specific needs and budget constraints.

CloudNine have become experts at cloud application deployment and maintenance, garnering praise for their user-friendly products and innovative services that take businesses digital presence to new heights. A great option for businesses seeking to elevate their digital presence.

Windmill Strategy

Windmill Strategy is a B2B industrial web design & digital marketing agency dedicated to helping technical, industrial, life science and manufacturing companies increase visibility & engagement, strengthen branding positioning & branding and generate higher quality leads with maximum marketing ROI for growth acceleration.

Minnesota is leading the charge on renewable energy and has helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 17 percent between 2005 and 2014. Wind turbines generate electricity that saves over three billion gallons of water each year while simultaneously cutting pollution.

Modern Tribe

Modern Tribe is an innovative digital agency with an expansive portfolio of projects. Offering wide-scale WordPress solutions, open source development services and product design.

Their team of designers, developers and project managers is highly respected due to its exceptional communication skills and methodical approach towards software development.

They specialize in large-scale WordPress development for high-profile corporations and work closely with independent contractors.

Compoze Labs

Compoze Labs is a software consulting firm specializing in integrations, mobile app development, web development, cloud infrastructure management and IT managed services. Their experienced team can assist with all of your next project needs.

These companies collaborated with financial services providers and price and delivery data providers to design a custom cross channel platform and mobile app respectively, and produced an interface design which met or exceeded that of competitors.

Evolve Systems

Evolve Systems is a full-service digital, creative, and technology agency. Their expert staff works closely with clients to strategize, design, develop, market, and set up ongoing support.

Automation helps clients tidy up or redesign their untidy CRM setup and optimize email newsletters, social media profiles and websites.

SharpSpring helps their clients map their customer buying journey and sales funnel in order to cultivate qualified leads using marketing brick strategies, and executes marketing and sales campaigns using SharpSpring platform to meet ambitious goals.

Plaudit Design

Plaudit Design provides businesses with an all-in-one platform offering various services and software solutions designed to help increase their online presence, such as website design and hosting, SEO services, social media management services, content marketing strategies and email marketing solutions.

The company also specializes in innovative digital marketing strategies such as video and influencer promotion. Their dedicated team of digital marketing professionals possess all of the skills required for success in this arena.

Southport Technology Group

Southport Technology Group provides software development and application management & support, web development, UI/UX design services, as well as custom Mailchimp integration for training and coaching firms. Recently they assisted a training and coaching firm create a new website with custom integration for Mailchimp integration.

LuminFire was established in 1986 to help clients become more successful by developing tailor-made solutions to meet their business needs. Their Minneapolis team of 18 employees includes project managers and developers with expertise in custom software development, web and mobile app creation, eCommerce platforms development and digital marketing services.


O8 Technology Group provides custom software development services to their clients, developing tailored applications to fit individual client requirements and integrating e-commerce platforms to streamline workflow.

Since 2015, Nativ3 has employed six staff who specialize in web design and development services as well as custom software development, mobile app development and paid Facebook ads/social media pages/SEO for nonprofit organizations. Recently they completed a project combining paid Facebook ads/social media pages/SEO.