Best Software Development Companies in Tulsa


Tulsa is home to several tech companies seeking developers. According to CBRE, Tulsa was also listed among one of the fastest-rising cities for tech talent in America.

Selecting an ideal software development firm may be daunting, so here are a few factors you should keep in mind before hiring one:

Phase 2

At this stage, the development team gathers input from its business stakeholders and turns it into an in-depth definition of project requirements and expectations. Additionally, this process establishes which resources are necessary to meet them as well as any associated costs.

Utilizing established patterns for application architecture and software development, the design phase begins. This stage encompasses user experience design, screen mock-ups, software architecture and more.

After the design is complete, testing becomes the next step in order to verify that everything works as intended and meets customer specifications.

The top software development companies in Tulsa offer clear plans and are experienced at every phase of development. Furthermore, they’re willing to work within your budget and timeline on projects of all shapes and sizes.


SEQTEK, founded in 1999, specializes in custom software development services such as website and mobile app development, providing their bespoke services in Tulsa with their small team of developers.

Clients include businesses in the information technology, financial services and real estate industries. Their current mobile app development project involves creating an ecommerce marketplace connecting buyers and sellers.

Tulsa-based agency The Tulsa Agency recently revamped logos and websites for two separate organizations. Their team of approximately 15 employees offers marketing services such as web design, SEO optimization and social media promotion.

SEO and PPC services provided by this agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma since 2012. Their small team has provided these services since 2012.


Modsi is a team of over ten professionals providing custom software and web development for companies in health care & medical, energy & natural resources, manufacturing utilities & transportation industries. Established in 2017, their work has earned many impressive accolades since then.

Their staff enjoy using the cloud and offer their employees various perks including flexible spending accounts and free lunches. Their company is led by an extraordinary team of IT professionals with both client side experience as well as software development experience – this helps ensure success!

One of their acclaimed projects was a data insights website that won them the best software development company award. I was equally wowed by their impressive tech tidbits and perks such as their useful mobile app and funky-looking swag bag – and what’s most impressive? These guys still manage to make me smile today, something many other small companies would kill for.

Novus Consulting

Novus Consulting of Oklahoma provides business consulting, IT strategy consulting and custom software development. Their team of fewer than 20 offers services to midmarket businesses with customer success as their focus.

Clients of FCM Solutions include financial services firms, healthcare organizations and government agencies. FCM also assists its clients in mitigating recurring IT issues, developing growth strategies and optimizing managed services at predictable costs – among their customer roster are financial firms, healthcare organizations and government agencies.

Experienced in various e-commerce projects, the team developed websites, integrated software systems and designed apps.

Established in 2012, they provide IT support and managed services to various small businesses in various industries; their client list includes training and safety regulation firms, healthcare agencies, and government offices.