Biometric Authentication Process – How Fraudsters Try To Dodge the System


As much as the technology is benefiting businesses, it is advancing the fraudsters to the same extent. Companies now require sophisticated identity measures to help prevent their work operations from being manipulated by the imposters. Biometric authentication is proved to be the most suitable method for verifying individuals online. But unfortunately, criminals have become so sophisticated that they have invented ways to dodge this verification measure as well. However, AI-powered biometric identification cannot be manipulated easily. Businesses just have to adopt the technologies in time.

As traditional measures of customer verification are not sufficient, the trend of AI-backed systems is what is needed in every sector. The skyrocketing trend in online scams is what hyped digital biometric authentication. Also called liveness detection, this is what is the best way how do i accept bitcoin.

What Actually is Biometric Authentication?

It is used to verify consumer identities. Unlike any other identification measure like document verification, fraudsters cannot dodge biometric verification online. Anyone can alter your identity documents to use them in their favour, but guess what, no one can steal the unique behavioural and biological traits of your face. Face, palm, iris, the pupil are a few of the biometric characters that can be used to identify customers.

Biometric Identification Process

This is a simple process that is designed to assist the customers to have the best yet authentic method. In biometric authentication, customers are required to upload the government-issued identity document. Along with submitting the document, the consumers are then required to upload their selfies. The software then matches the selfie against the photo present on the ID document. At the end of the process, the final results are shown to the consumers.

Ways to Dodge Biometric Authentication

Face masks are the most widely used method to dodge this verification measure. Imposters these days use advanced technology to deceive the measures. Making edits in audio and videos is the latest trend nowadays. Criminals use deep learning techniques to have people believe the non-original.

Spoofing is another widely used technology used by imposters. In this age when everyone is obsessed with taking pictures, it is no big deal to acquire them and do a little editing to use them in your favour. With the alterations in the pictures, fraudsters dodge the biometric authentication process.

Face Masks

Cybercriminals use advanced technology to create fake 2D and 3D masks to resemble genuine customers. While the identity verification process is performed, the fraudsters try to manipulate the live checks by resembling the photo present on the ID document.


Well, it is another yet widely used technique to manipulate biometric authentication. Imposters edit the videos and images to the extent that they alter the background in order to make them look genuine while demanding data or money. Imposters use deep fakes to dodge biometric authentication because they know that businesses have developed solid authentication protocols to secure their emails.

Biometric Authentication – How does it Prevent Spoofing?

This method of verification checks for the live presence of the consumer. In case of any fraud, the picture present on the ID document is matched against the selfie that the customer has to submit during the verification process. Additionally, skin texture examination, 3D mapping, and several other ways assist in authenticating the spoof tricks. Customers are required to smile, nod, blink and talk to the KYC expert to avoid such sort of attacks.

In 2022 and the coming years, experts are suggesting that deep fakes are destined to increase. However, with the help of biometric authentication, measures have become more advanced too. Any edit in the picture or video can be detected with the help of biometric authentication. Liveness detection is deployed to ensure a greater level of accuracy in biometric identification online.

Impacts of Biometric Verification in Cryptocurrency

It is not wrong to say that digital currency is accepted and is hugely used by many businesses. However, the use of biometric authentication has benefitted the crypto sector to a great extent. The liveness detection checks help enterprises to prevent the industry from becoming victims of fraud.


Because of the ever-increasing fraud in this tech-driven age, identity verification has become imperative for businesses. Biometric authentication is the most widely used and the genuine method that ensures liveness detection which reduces the chances of fraud to the minimum.

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