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Bleecker Trading offers more than just cards – they’re also a community. Through hosting events and assisting collectors in making more competent trades, Bleecker provides members with ongoing educational benefits to enhance their trading experience.

Coronavirus lockdowns have reignited sports card collecting and sent prices soaring, according to Jacob Salter, product manager at Bleecker Trading, who recently hosted a trade night in New York City.

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Bleecker Trading provides collectors an ideal setting for connecting even when they cannot meet face to face, even remotely. They feature a trade room, social club, and outdoor backyard, which can be booked for large trade nights and industry events.

Bleecker can help you sell your rare F1 racing cards quickly and at an excellent price while protecting your collection with secure storage solutions. They also offer card authentication to give buyers confidence in their purchases.

Combat sports trading cards have become incredibly popular over the last several years due to UFC and WWE events. Rare cards of UFC/WWE athletes can be among the most sought-after collectibles – however, finding them can be challenging! Bleecker can help you locate and purchase these valuable collectibles.

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Bleecker Trading stands out from other card shops by helping collectors build relationships in the hobby by hosting trade nights and events. Their setup features a trading card store, social club, and outdoor backyard, which they utilize for more significant events – this approach makes them a leader in their field and a must-visit space for anyone visiting NYC! Plus, their staff is super friendly and knowledgeable; they know all their stuff to help with all your needs! Highly recommend calling them; thank you, Emilee, Ben & team @ Bleecker Trading!! Keep up the hard work!!! Jackie W

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If you have a collection of trading cards, sports memorabilia, type 1 photo, or other collectibles you are considering selling, Bleecker Trading may offer the solution you are seeking. Their approach to operating modern card shops stands out among their competition as they take an active role in connecting collectors. Their facility includes a trading card store with social club features and an outdoor backyard space where more extensive trade nights can take place.

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Bleecker Trading hosts physical card shops and numerous online events for hobbyists to connect and find cards to add to their collections. Furthermore, their team offers authentication services that ensure buyers get genuine cards, increasing their chances of selling.

Bleecker Trading stands out from its competition with its friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful staff who are more than willing to go above and beyond for their customers. Their prices are competitive for an NYC card shop and bi-monthly trade nights, which are tons of fun – perfect for any avid collectors of sports cards! Additionally, an indoor social club and an outdoor backyard are available for more extensive trading nights or industry events.