Browne Trading Company


Browne Trading Company is widely known for providing premium seafood and caviar and also offers specialty gifts and wine at very competitive prices. Their location on Commercial Street in Portland, Maine’s fishing district makes them easily accessible.

NEWS CENTER Maine is following developments of a fire at Browne Trading Company on Commercial Street Thursday evening, though no reports indicate any injuries yet.


Browne Trading Market can fulfill your seafood needs, from filleted fish-to-order, curated wine, artisanal cheese, and gourmet foods to specialty caviar selections such as wild osetra, sevruga, and beluga sturgeon. When demand exceeds supply from wild farms, Browne also provides farmed caviar as an alternative source.

This boutique seafood market is beloved among locals and visitors. Its high-quality products make it the perfect place for treating oneself or someone special to something truly delectable – caviar is available, and fresh fish and shellfish are delicious!

The Browne Trading Company is the nation’s largest caviar retailer, co-branding their caviar with the farms that raise it directly for transparent sourcing and top-quality product. They have worked with farms across Belgium, Italy, Israel, China, and America to deliver Michelin-star quality caviar since 1991 – order it online now for next-day delivery or visit their Portland, Maine store!


Browne Trading Company provides some of the world’s finest caviar, from sturgeon and osetra caviar varieties. Their organic caviar products are unmatched in quality. Browne Trading Company takes great pride in providing only top-grade caviar to their customers; many chefs rely on them exclusively for all their caviar needs.

Rod’s passion and expertise for procuring premium caviars and specialty seafood items quickly spread among America’s acclaimed chefs, eventually being featured in Saveur, Vogue, and Newsweek as a result of Chefs such as Jean-Louis Palladin, Emeril Lagasse, Wolfgang Puck, and Daniel Boulud turning to him for their daily caviar deliveries for their restaurants.

When purchasing caviar, consider its date of importation before making your decision. All legitimate importers of caviar must hold a CITES Permit, Certificate of Origin, and Labeling Report showing when harvest took place – any dealer who does not possess these documents could potentially be selling illegal or adulterated caviar.

Browne Trading Company has a rich tradition of importing only premium caviar worldwide. Their full-service seafood warehouse in Portland, Maine stocks fresh fish and caviar that they ship nationwide; additionally, they operate a specialty smokehouse that produces smoked salmon, trout, and select shellfish varieties.

Since 1991, this company has become renowned for its fresh, exotic caviars and other high-end seafood. As the only caviar supplier that co-brands with their producers and provides 100% traceability back to its source, they also offer an assortment of smoked seafood items and specialties such as foie gras and truffles for clients to select. With their variety of options for each client, they strive to find what meets each one’s requirements – something they take great pleasure in doing!


Browne Trading Market will offer high-quality seafood gifts for anyone on your list who enjoys seafood, from caviar tins to caviar keys and elegant mother-of-pearl spoons, servers, and palettes for any budget. Furthermore, fresh salmon or oysters can also be provided as delicious treats!


Browne Trading Market provides an expansive selection of wines. Their knowledgeable staff can assist in finding the ideal wine for any special event or special someone in your life. Furthermore, their cheese selection includes local and imported cheeses – pairing a bottle of wine with caviar would make an impressive present!

Browne began importing farmed alternatives when Caspian Sea wild osetra, sevruga, and beluga caviar became unavailable due to overfishing, providing customers with filleted fish to order, wine by the bottle or glass, artisanal cheese from Europe, and gourmet foods – shopping and pick-up are available options at their boutique seafood market.