Budget Home Makeover: Dramatic Transformations Under $30,000

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We usually associate home renovations with big budgets. But even if you only have $30,000 at most to spare, you can still transform your abode as if you’ve spent way more. Of course, a full-scale renovation isn’t likely doable with such a limited budget. But still, it can upgrade at least one room, like the kitchen. Since that area is the most used and abused part of a home, it’s going to need an update after a while. And home-buyers love an efficient and appealing kitchen, so renovating a dated one will benefit you if you’ll sell in the future.

Yes, $30,000 is not a very small budget, but it can be a bang for your buck if you’ll hire an interior designer. In high-end interior design firm Studio Mcgee’s Netflix series “Dream Home Makeover”, you’d find drastic renovations that cost only $30,000. That’s quite a steal, considering the typical scale of Studio Mcgee’s projects, and their affluent clientele.

So if you also wish to hire an interior designer, you can stretch your budget by getting a renovation loan. In fact, if you are obtaining your funds through debt, it’s even more advisable to hire design professionals, because they’d minimize your chances of committing mistakes that could cost you more in the end.

Kitchen Remodel

Changing dated cabinetry, fixtures, and countertops may not cost over $10,000 to $30,000. To save even more, skip the cabinetry replacement, and opt for repainting them instead. You can also stick to changing the cabinet pulls, since that small upgrade can result in a big difference, too.

The smaller your kitchen is, the smaller your renovation costs will be. Hence, you may end up with more budget for a luxurious countertop. And here’s another hack: Ask your local stone or tile company if they have seconds or remnants. Those “Class B” materials aren’t necessarily flawed beyond saving.

Garage and Exterior Makeover

Curb appeal matters in making an impression on buyers or in your neighborhood. Since the garage makes up a huge part of your curb appeal, replace its dated door for at least $350, installation excluded. But if you have a double-car garage, changing its doors may cost around $500, minimum.

Your entryway door should make a statement as well. A new door may cost you around $250, without installation. You may also just repaint it or change its knob to cut down your expense.

If you’ll also repaint your entire exterior walls, the costs will vary depending on the size of your home. Generally, you may spend between $500 and $5,000. To give you a rough estimate on how much you’ll pay, a two-story, 2,400-square-foot home costs an average of $2,500 to professionally repaint. That price covers the repainting of the trims and siding too. But painting over brick or stucco would add up to the price.

New Flooring

Many high-quality peel-and-stick flooring types are thin enough so that you no longer need to remove your old flooring before installing it. “Peel-and-stick” may sound flimsy, but don’t let the name fool you. Sure, the seams are a downside, but with the right strategy, you can make them unnoticeable. Plus, peel-and-stick flooring saves on installation costs. They’ll stay durable even without professional help.

Parisian-inspired Condo Makeover

$30,000 may not afford you a full-scale reno — except if you live in a condo. A two-bedroom HDB flat in Singapore was renovated for $25,000, and the results were fantastic. The owner repainted the walls white, bought a new, vintage-style chandelier, wainscoted the walls, installed new wallpaper in the bedrooms, upgraded the bathroom lighting, created an accent wall, and made the furniture minimal. Indeed, those were a lot of changes for an affordable price.

Patio or Deck Renovation

Extending your living spaces allows you to entertain more guests. Renovating an old deck or patio may cost you at least $5,000, with that cost already covering electrical work. That budget may also allow you to enclose your outdoor living space so that you can use it even in harsh weather. However, $5,000 may not afford you new furniture yet. For that, you need to spend a bit more, but certainly not more than $30,000.

Bathroom Upgrade

Next to the kitchen, the bathrooms are the most crucial part of your abode. It must be comfortable, ergonomic, and most of all, safe. So give your dated bathrooms a much-needed TLC by adding more storage, updating the lighting, sprucing up the walls, replacing old hardware, and increasing its safety. All these you can accomplish under $30,000.

With these amazing and affordable home makeovers in your inspiration list, you’ll no doubt achieve a more cozy, functional, and beautiful space soon. You deserve a lovely retreat for hustling and saving money diligently.

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