Buy Crypto with Credit Cards and Fiat – Is it Worth the Hassle?

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2020 has gone down as the pandemic year, with some remarkable innovations and happenings affecting the crypto-verse. The value of crypto tokens skyrocketed even when there was an economic disaster, and the world processes were put on hold. However, the evolution of Exchange Crypto Online platforms has accelerated the trend of crypto buying while forcing investors to make a way out of their shells of scepticism. A significant addition to this was ‘buy crypto with credit card’ that has grasped the attention of worldwide investors. Alongside this was the crypto purchase with fiat. Furthermore, crypto wallets are used to store assets, and a variety in their type is triggering massive trading. 

Which Fiat Gateways Can be Used?

The exchange platform provides various options for Buying Crypto with Fiat. These funds are either transferred from a bank account or deposited and used with a payment gateway for cryptocurrency. Other options include the use of ATMs or third parties. 

Bank Transfer

A game-changer, bank transfer has made it possible for every investor, big or small, to take advantage of the trending market. They can deposit their local fiat into the bank account and buy crypto tokens when they see the favorability. The market is undoubtedly volatile, and some consumers do not have a lot to lose. Here, the practical solution is to deposit the funds and wait until the scenarios are in favour. Users can deposit Australian Dollars, Reais, Ruble, Euro, US dollars, and other currencies. This, however, varies on the requirements of exchange and the region it operates in. 

Third-Party Options

Some other options refer to third-party crypto wallets and other payment providers. These wallets provide storage for the assets that are protected by private keys. Many wallet software and online crypto exchanges accept credit cards and debit cards. Furthermore, the remaining loopholes are filled by third-party payment providers like PayPal, Skrill, and more. 

Bitcoin ATMs

A comparatively less used but secure option. However, to use Bitcoin ATMs, it is mandatory to have a digital wallet. The other requisite is finding a reliable and safe terminal that ensures authentic purchases. 

Peer-to-peer (P2P) Purchase

The peer-to-peer purchase is not something that has emerged just now. It has been around for a long time but was low-key. Consumers can directly purchase the crypto token from the seller with their fiat. The benefit of this is the elimination of a third party. Due to the availability of thousands of merchants and payment methods, Buying Crypto with Fiat has become a piece of cake. 

Buy Crypto Online with Credit Card; Not so New

The most popular and preferred payment method is ‘buy tokens with a credit card’. It is easy and less time taking. The users can easily link their cards with their online accounts, and they are good to go. By using this particular method, consumers can buy Bitcoin for as low as $15 with minimal fees. However, the prices depend on the currency used. The charges will be different for Euros and somewhat different for US dollars. Furthermore, the purchase can be carried out by simply using the VISA and MasterCard and other options like PayPal and Skrill. 

Steps to Buy

Put, by this method, users can use their regular cards. They won’t need a special or designated card as their VISA or MasterCard will do the trick. This method is secure, efficient, fast, and easy to use. 

1. Choose reliable and secure platforms and sign up by filling in the details and creating an account.

2. When there is fiat involved, it is followed by identity verification. Therefore, the platform will ask for details to verify identity and address. This is so done to comply with KYC/AML regulations. 

3. Surf the site and choose the desired token. Move to the payment options afterwards.

4. Next, select the amount opted to invest, the currency type, and the trading pair or coin. There are two options – VISA and MasterCard.

5. Click on the buy option and link the crypto wallet address to transfer the asset directly. Fill in the remaining required data and confirm the order. 

Safe and Secure Storage Softwares – crypto wallets

Online software with advanced encryption crypto wallets allow sending, receiving, and spending of cryptocurrencies. As per Statista, there are more than 70 million registered wallets worldwide. They come in various forms like hardware, online, and paper wallets. 

Hardware Wallets

Here the essential credentials are stored in a thumb device that is kept safe. It is accessed by plugging it into the computer. These are secure and convenient.

Paper Wallets

The keys are written on physical paper and stored somewhere safe and inaccessible. It is harder to use because the currency processes are online. 

Online Wallets

The keys here are stored on the online software or in apps. Furthermore, these are protected by two-step encryption that is more secure than every other type. 

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