Buying Toddler Shoes

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Are you overspending money to buy toddler shoes or boots that don’t fit?

You aren’t alone. A few years ago, I purchased this breadmaker seven pairs of shoes for my oldest daughter, who was then three years old. After paying over $150 on her shoes or boots, I decided to take another way: find a pair of shoes that fit properly, knowing they were made to last. While I did, I found how the shoes not only lasted much longer for her, but they often previously worked fine for hand-me-downs on her little sisters. In the long run, acquiring better-fitting and better-made shoes or boots has saved me a package deal. Best way to find the toddler winter boots.

After raising three kids and having many buying shoes experiences, here are the take some time I’ve found to acquire toddler shoes successfully:

* In person, I prefer to shop online. However, being a busy parent allows us to shop whenever we want. Getting your kids to a shoe retail store is a little like herding pet cats — they get into points they shouldn’t and generally wind up completely off track. However, you can pause the online shopping encounter and come back later in case things get too insane, and that’s a lovely perk.

Another online shopping that works so well with toddlers is that young children are naturally shy around other people. As a result, it cannot be easy to get their feet calculated by salespeople and endure the sales process. However, when caregivers begin measuring, they are much calmer (and the measurements tend to be more accurate).

* For the shoes or boots to fit, your child’s foot needs to be measured. An online retailer needs to offer you a sizing chart that you may print out and use to be sure the shoes you obtain will fit.

If you proceed to the store and the salesperson promotes on the shoes to determine exactly where your child’s toe is, it is not a good sign. Small children generally do not fully relax their toes while trying about shoes, so this “poking” commonly done by shoe sales agents is completely worthless. Your child’s legs are likely “curled,” and the dimensions won’t be correct. If the dealer doesn’t offer sizing information to measure your kid’s feet accurately, the new shoes or boots won’t fit as well as the old ones.

* Sensitive customer service is also important. For example, if you buy shoes online, you must be able to IM (instant message) a representative during the order course of action if you have questions. It would be best if you also acquired an email notification for confirmation and shipping.

If buying shoes in a retail store, you should find a store with many different experiences fitting children. Likewise, look for a store with a large selection of toddler shoes — so they won’t be encouraging that you buy the size they have throughout stock rather than the size which correctly fits!

* Some sort of shoe that is well-made — with quality stitching and fasteners that are sturdy — is worth it. Cheaply built shoes will fall apart or maybe fall off, making them less likely to be comfortable and safe for your little one.

* Finally, seek a shoe your baby likes that isn’t linked to a fad. Trust me, one day, your baby will wake up and will not wear anything associated with your ex-favorite princess or your favorite superhero, and the very last thing you need is a daily fight over shoes. As your baby learns independence, a pair of shoes or boots that are simple to put on is yet a real bonus time-saver.

The important thing about buying toddler shoes is discovering a well-made shoe that fits properly. By pairing up both of these things, you’ll find that your small children’s shoes will last much longer, and you will save money in the long run!

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