Can you really Retrieve Lost Cryptocurrency? — All You Need To Know


Since Bitcoin surpassed the $1 000 mark in November 2013, cryptocurrencies have attracted significant attention from investors and internet privacy advocates globally. In recent years, the value of cryptocurrencies, for example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin have skyrocketed and now you can easily accept bitcoin for business.

According to a newly released investigation by Chainalysis, the cryptocurrency analytics provider, almost 20% of the roughly eighteen. Six million Bitcoin extracted since the introduction of blockchain technology is considered “lost” within multiple wallets. Many golds and silver coins have been lost due simply to human error, including users misplacing their crypto wallets or wallet secrets. In contrast, others have been lost because of damaged or corrupted hard disk drives used to hold the cryptocurrency. Bogus investment and crypto-trading frauds can also lead to the loss of cryptocurrency.

Because these virtual currencies are extremely valuable, many people ask to retrieve lost or thieved cryptocurrency. The good news is ─ it’s not irretrievably lost.

Whether you might have lost your bitcoin or even other cryptocurrencies to any from the following;

  • Forgotten wallet security password
  • Bitcoin scam or cryptocurrency trading scam
  • Due to difficulties with your hard drive
  • Due to Money Lost in a fork within the blockchain
  • Crypto sent to the incorrect address

The last one is a little tricky but has worked in certain cases. You’re most likely scared that your coins are going to be lost forever. But the great news is, all hope is not lost – you need to obtain the right help. Bitcoins, ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies can often be retrieved. Even in the most complex associated with circumstances, if you have the right group is working with you.

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Is It Possible to Recover Lost Cryptocurrency and Wallets?

Unfortunately, you will find just a few feasible options for recuperating lost crypto wallets and also keys. However, there are two tried-and-true methods for recovering cryptocurrencies.

1 . Data Extraction Through Hard Drives

According to The New York Times, a total of 140 billion dollars in bitcoin has been shed and has yet to be gathered by its rightful proprietors. Early crypto miners had been particularly hard hit, as numerous utilized their computers to mine bitcoins and saved their wallets and tips on hard drives. Many of them experienced no notion at the time which cryptocurrency prices would spike in the future.

Current HDD file recovery technologies can assist users in restoring access to previously kept wallets or keys on the computer hard drives. Still, there is the assurance you’ll be able to retrieve any crypto wallet intact that way.

However, there are specialized crypto recovery firms that utilize brute force methods and much more advanced HDD data recovery methods – they are quite expensive however worth it.

2 . Making Use Of Crypto Hunters

As you may have guessed, Crypto hunters are people or companies that assist recover lost or taken crypto wallets and take some time. Most of them rely on modern supercomputers with the massive quantum processor to crack the right crucial combination to a wallet and employ mental practices like hypnotherapy on wallet cases to recover cryptocurrency.

The companies utilize powerful hard drive data recovery software programs to generate millions of potential security passwords, recover passwords, and recuperate corrupted wallets lost upon hard drives. These services generally charge a set amount, possess a solid success rate, along take only a few days for you to weeks to complete.

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In Conclusion

Breaking into a cryptocurrency wallet with no portion of the key or password is theoretically possible yet practically nearly impossible. Bitcoin wallets and handbags, for example, utilize an Elliptical trainer Curve Digital Signature Formula (ECDSA) public key using the SHA-256 RIPEMD-160 hash.