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The Chipchase Chippy, a local chain of restaurants based in the country’s north, is a famous local delicatessen. Set in the heart of the village of Woodbridge, it is one of the many traditional small UK chip shops. Popular with both tourists and locals, it serves a wide variety of snacks and meals.

Chipchase Chippy

Unique Variety of Menu Items Served at Chipcase Chippy

If you’ve never been to a Chipchase Chippy before, you might want to get familiar with the menu. It is not the same as a McDonald’s or a Burger King. However, it does offer a similar kind of food. Chipchase Chippy menu items include sandwiches. The Chipchase name comes from the chip in the bottom of the bread.

So, instead of a hamburger or burrito, you have a chip sandwich. There are various types of sandwiches available at this Americanized version of a French restaurant. Here are some of the more popular ones:

Chippy’s Deli

For chicken lovers, this is a good option for lunch or dinner. Chicken is grilled and then served on a lightly toasted wheat bun with vegetables and sauce. You can also request a side of fresh, homemade grits with your meal. This is a fun alternative to ordering chicken nuggets at a burger joint. It is a more casual way to enjoy a chicken dish, which Chipchase offers in many different variations.

Chipchase Chippy

Chipotle Shrimp and Black Bean Burrito

A delicious bowl of warm, filled with nutritious vegetables. Use the high-quality black beans and the spinach in a tortilla to make this a healthy meal. You can order this with a side of fresh salsa if you like. You can also order burritos filled with vegetables, cheese, meats, and chicken.

Chipotle Deluxe Nachos

This option contains chicken chili, black beans, and three different kinds of cheese. You can also use vegetarian nachos if you are following a vegetarian diet. The black beans add bulk, and the chili gives you heat to help you stay warm. It also has a mild amount of pepper so that you won’t get too hot.

Chipotle Grill One

This is the original chipotle recipe you can use to stick to the same ingredients. You can add black beans, beef, vegetables, or whatever else you want. All you have to do is add it to your box and turn it on. This is the original chipotle that you can use and enjoy the taste. You won’t find a healthier option than this.

Chipotle Chili Chicken

With the addition of the chilk, it makes this a healthy, low-calorie chicken dish. The chicken is topped with cheese, and the ketchup makes it taste great. This is a versatile dish you can use as an entree or as a side dish. You can even use it to feed the whole family. The only problem with this one is that it takes a long time to prepare.


If you prefer Italian food, then try Cioppino. You will find this recipe in any of the Chipotle menus. You will find a chicken salad with the chicken placed under a tomato and Romaine lettuce leaf. The chips used are reduced fat. This is one of the healthier options you can make, and it is worth checking out.

The Baked Beans

Another delicious dish you will find on the Chipotle website is the baked beans. You will combine a pound of dried beans, three tablespoons of salsa and two teaspoons of reduced-fat cheddar cheese. Use your bib and lightly fluff the beans to get rid of excess moisture.

Secret Review of Hygiene at Chipchase Chippy

We also look at each food Restaurant’s Grade quality to see if they are up to the same high standards as others in the restaurant.

The food hygiene rating of the Chipchase Chippy was poor. The items were not cleaned properly or sanitized sufficiently. This caused them to meet the criteria laid down by the British Hospital Medical Association (BHMA). The BHMA sets the criteria, which is a high level of hygiene, and requires that food that arrives in a restaurant must be clean and healthy.

The food hygiene assessment of the Chipchase Chippy is a total breach of the standard, which we can see from the score that they got. This score, provided by a group called the Quality Improvement Program (PIP), is meager.

The hygiene problems were not found by looking at the marketing material. They had a high number of customers and had done so for many years. The Chipchase website makes extraordinary claims about providing excellent customer service. It offers a gift, but these are particular claims and are unlikely to be found in a food hygiene report.


They offer many different types of food, including burritos, fajitas, salads and more. They will also continue to offer seasonal food deals, so you do not have to spend a lot of time trying to save money.

You will find various coupons, which can be printed out and taken a right into the restaurant during the checkout process. You will also find easy-to-use online coupons that can be used whenever you choose.

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What is the contact number of Chipchase Chippy?

+44 1642 821657 is the contact no. of chipchase chippy.

What is the location of Chipchase Chippy?

The location is 9 Chipchase Rd, Middlesbrough TS5 6DD, UK.