Choosing a Crime Scene Cleanup Company


Crime scene cleanup services must be trusted, with families needing to know that any professional they hire will take great care in cleaning up after an incident and offer competitive prices. Select the Texas crime scene cleanup company.

Due to the biohazardous nature of this business, it is crucial that careful research and planning be conducted prior to initiating. This includes choosing an appropriate business structure as well as purchasing or leasing equipment like thermal foggers and extraction systems.


Crime scene cleanup companies must be licensed to operate legally, which involves securing a permit and creating a business plan. Some states also require registration; to avoid complications with this step, it’s wise to hire an experienced consultant who can guide the registration process for you.

Liability insurance coverage is required when bidding on police and city trauma scene contracts, providing essential protection in case an employee gets sued for injuries they sustained on the job or the disaster trailer is stolen. Furthermore, having an umbrella general liability policy with coverage for property damage, bodily injury lawsuits, and contamination costs is absolutely crucial to being awarded these contracts.

Cleaning a crime scene requires both skill and discretion. This task entails clearing away blood and other biohazards, washing the affected area, disinfecting it, and testing for residual micro-organisms before deodorizing. After completion, it is also crucial that any residual bacteria be tested so as to ensure a safe environment.

Crime scene cleanup companies require dedication and the desire to assist people during their most trying times. At the same time, the job can be emotionally and physically taxing and requires high levels of discretion. Repetitive exposure to traumatic scenes may take its toll, so technicians need the appropriate support as they travel between scenes in the middle of the night.


When tragedy strikes, and crime scene cleanup companies must respond, OSHA requires that they adhere to specific requirements for cleaning up blood and other fluids at crime scenes. These requirements include training programs that teach them how to safely manage these scenes with appropriate cleaning procedures, equipment needed for cleanup, and complete personal protective gear (PPE). Furthermore, these precautions help protect them against exposure to diseases or infections like Hepatitis B/C/HIV, Rabies, or Histoplasmosis, which could occur as a result.

Typically, most major insurance policies cover biohazard cleanup services; however, each policy differs, so for more specific information regarding your situation, it is advisable to reach out and speak to your insurer directly.

Crime scene cleanup may not be top of mind when purchasing insurance policies, and most likely, most need to know whether their home or business insurance covers this service. Luckily, many crime and trauma scene cleaning companies specialize in such cleanup, knowing exactly how best to approach these situations with compassion and discretion.

Hiring a crime scene cleanup company is both safe and emotionally therapeutic when returning to a home or office after police investigations have concluded. Crime scene cleaning firms specialize in safely cleaning, deodorizing, and disinfecting the affected areas so they’re ready for reoccupation quickly.


Crime scene cleanup services have evolved into highly specialized businesses. Crime scene cleaning companies provide:

  • Services range from securing and cleaning up accident sites.
  • Biohazardous waste removal.
  • Decontamination techniques.
  • Decontamination procedures.
  • Forensic cleaning procedures.
  • Proper disposal methods.

Crime scene cleaners usually receive extensive training so they are equipped to perform their duties successfully – this training typically covers bloodborne pathogens, respiratory risks, and working in confined spaces, among others. They should also possess all relevant licenses and insurances required by their company for operations to run effectively. In addition to training, a business should have these assets in order to operate successfully.

Crime scene cleanup can be both physically and emotionally demanding work. To be effective in their job, crime scene cleaners require hardworking crew members who are available 24/7, can work long hours, compartmentalize emotions, and focus on providing valuable service to grieving families. Experience gained in military, law enforcement, or paramedic work can prove helpful when managing both the emotional and physical demands of this work.

Before any crime scene cleanup company can start operations, they must obtain all required federal and state licenses. This may include getting a biohazardous waste permit, passing background checks and drug tests, and creating an effective marketing plan in order to attract customers and build their reputation for providing top-quality service.


Crime scene cleanup technicians usually only require a high school diploma or GED for employment. On-the-job training, as well as specific certifications in subjects like bloodborne pathogens, hazardous materials transport, and personal protective equipment, will typically be provided. As these technicians usually work under intense conditions, you must select one capable of delivering top-quality service while remaining safe for everyone involved.

Crime scene cleanup companies utilize various tools and supplies in order to complete their duties effectively. They may need to secure the area by placing plastic sheets or other barriers around it to stop contaminants from spreading further while using specialized cleaning agents that help remove biohazards like blood and bodily fluids from surfaces before disinfecting and deodorizing everything before returning it to its normal state.

Many crime scene cleanup companies specialize in particular areas, such as cleaning up after meth labs or restoring properties damaged by fires. Some even provide specialty services like hoarding cleanup and ozone or fog machines, which can eliminate odors caused by decomposition and bacteria growth.

If you are searching for a crime scene cleanup company near you, ask for referrals from previous customers and read reviews online. While it may not always be possible to satisfy every client, a good crime scene cleanup provider should strive to give their best service with compassion and dignity in mind.

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