Choosing an Excavating Contractor


No matter the scope or scale of the construction project, excavation techniques must be handled accurately for success. Finding an experienced excavation contractor is critical for ensuring its success. Select the best San Antonio Excavating.

Hensel Phelps will bid out approximately 85% of the work, creating opportunities for local contractors and disadvantaged business enterprises to participate. The city plans to award its contract in 2025.


Trenching services are essential components of many construction projects, from installing sewer and water lines to electrical conduits or gas lines, as well as gas lines. Trenching requires excavation of dirt using specialized equipment and following safety protocol protocols; before selecting your trenching contractor, be sure to inquire as to their licensing, insurance policies as well as equipment quality, and whether they can identify any buried pipes or utilities before commencing any works.

Excavating can take anywhere from one to three days for smaller projects, and several weeks for larger ones, depending on the size and nature of their soil conditions and project scope, with utility services running underground in some locations or having to break through rock shelves with jackhammers or blasting equipment another step could add weeks onto schedules as well.

An effective excavation company should be able to estimate how long their work will take based on their local knowledge and experience and may offer suggestions to speed up and cut costs where appropriate. They’ll also provide you with a written estimate, contract, and warranty, which can protect against any issues that might arise during or after the excavation process.


Potholing services (also referred to as vacuum excavation or air/vacuum excavation) are the safest and most accurate method of locating existing underground utility lines. Also referred to as subsurface utility engineering (SUE), this technique involves digging several test holes until an exposed utility line can be seen clearly – from this point, measurements can be taken, and depth can be verified.

Before beginning excavation on any site, all existing underground utilities must be located using the appropriate method. A SAWS locator cannot always identify where suspected utilities lie; potholing or other alternative locating techniques like hand digging and lateral camera may need to be used instead before excavation can commence.

Discovery Hydrovac’s SUE potholing services provide an ideal method for identifying underground utilities. This non-destructive technique utilizes high-velocity vacuum and pressurized air to excavate soil from suspected utilities and verify their location, size, and type. With this information at hand, excavation projects can proceed safely without disrupting existing lines, saving both time and money while keeping workers and projects safe.

Day Lighting

Badger DaylightingTM is an industry leader when it comes to non-destructive hydro excavation services, offering expert hydro excavation solutions. Their fleet of over 1300 vacuum trucks (Badgers) allows them to uncover and expose underground utilities and pipelines to daylight for safe viewing and access.

Daylighting excavation is an economical and environmentally friendly means of excavating underground pipes and utilities, using water and an air vacuum system to cut, scoop, and remove materials safely without disrupting the surrounding environment.

Consider these factors when hiring a daylighting excavation contractor: experience, cost, and safety record. An experienced contractor should be able to complete their tasks quickly and safely while offering competitive rates, helping ensure your project stays within budget and on schedule.

Land Clearing

Construction and development projects often benefit from earth and land clearing services for foundation digging, trenching utilities, or clearing land for building. Contractors offering earth-clearing services use heavy machinery like bulldozers, backhoes, and excavators to clear away trees, shrubs, and brush debris, as well as clear the way for new roads or buildings.

GT Site Services & Land Clearing has provided San Antonio area property owners with professional land-clearing services for over 18 years, with expertise in cedar and brush mulching, rock milling, road reclamation, pond construction, and more. We boast a team of skilled and experienced professionals ready to manage any project of any size, from cedar and brush mulching to rock milling and road reclamation – no matter the complexity.

Clearing your backyard or parking lot creates more outdoor recreational space while increasing its value, as well as making your yard safer for children to play in and adding interest to your landscape. Other types of land clearing services include right-of-way clearing, which involves clearing for oil pipelines and electrical lines, as well as transportation infrastructure stipulations; such projects often require special licensing and certification.

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