Choosing the Right Lawn Dart Set – What to Look For


Choosing the Right Lawn Dart Set is crucial for anyone who wants to enjoy this unique game. However, it can be overwhelming to sort through the different options and decide which are best suited to your needs.

It’s essential to consider safety, durability, and style when selecting. Below, we’ll discuss each of these topics in depth and help you make an informed decision.


When you hear the words lawn darts, chances are you picture a game that involves flinging metal-tipped missiles around your yard. Unfortunately, lawn darts have been known to be dangerous and have caused numerous injuries over the years.

Thankfully, there are now safer options that do not include the pointed metal tips of the original lawn darts, which have been banned due to their dangerous nature. Instead, many companies have introduced lawn dart sets with blunt-headed safety darts that are more lightweight and do not bounce when thrown.

These darts have met with limited success in the marketplace primarily because they tend to bounce on the ground rather than stick to the bottom like the pointed metal-tipped lawn darts initially used for this game compared to most of the original lawn darts for sale.

Therefore, there is a need for a safe lawn dart game with a caddy that can conveniently carry and store the safety lawn darts while allowing the target hoop or electronic target to be kept together during play.


When it comes to choosing the proper lawn dart set, there are a few factors that you should look for. The main one is durability. This is because lawn darts are often played outdoors, so they must be durable to withstand any weather conditions.

This can be a problem when the lawn darts are not made from high-quality materials. This can lead to issues such as the darts not landing correctly or even breaking.

These problems can cause severe injuries to players. Lawn darts have been banned in Canada since July 1989. They were responsible for at least 55 serious injuries.

However, safer alternatives to traditional lawn darts are available for sale. These include thick, rounded plastic tips and weighted bags.

These are great options if you are looking for a safe and fun way to spend time with your family. They are also easy to use and can keep your children entertained for hours. They are also a great outdoor game at any backyard party or barbeque.


There are several weight features to look for when choosing a lawn dart set. For example, select a location that has weighted soft-tip darts. These darts are much safer to use than sharp-tip or hard plastic darts, which help ensure that every throw is accurate.

Another thing to consider is the shape of the head of the darts. If the head is rounded, it will be more comfortable for younger players to hold and toss. This will make the game more enjoyable for everyone.

Likewise, if the head is straight or has a pointed edge, it will be more difficult for children to hold and throw. This is especially true if the game involves throwing at targets located at a distance.

Lastly, you should check that the darts have a soft, smooth tip that will not puncture skin or eyes. This is important to prevent injuries while playing the game and help keep the whole family safe.


Lawn darts, sometimes called jarts, are a fun backyard game that’s easy to set up. Players toss the darts at a circle target area and aim for it to land inside of it.

The best lawn darts have soft plastic near the tip, which helps to absorb shock and impact from a throw. The fins at the end of the dart are also made of soft plastic to help prevent injuries when thrown.

A quality lawn dart will also have a heavy tip designed to withstand a lot of pressure when thrown. It will also have a rubber grip to hold the dart safely and securely on the ground.

Lawn darts were invented in the 1950s by a dentist named Lawrence Barnett, and they quickly became one of the most popular outdoor games in America. They were initially sold in boxed sets with four giant, colorful darts and two plastic rings that served as targets.


Lawn darts are a great way to get the whole family involved in some physical activity. It’s also fun to spend time together without any technology distractions.

The best lawn dart sets have several features to make the game even more fun and exciting for players. These include glow-in-the-dark darts, target mats, and additional safety accessories.

They also come with soft-tip darts that are safe for players to use. These rounded head darts are much safer than sharp-tip darts that can injure kids and adults alike.

This set of two lawn sky darts is a unique addition to any outdoor event or green space. The bright colors help to mark teams, and the included bag makes it easy to store all of the pieces together for storage and transportation.

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