Christmas Tree Cake Ornament


Add extra holiday charm to your cake with this sweet Christmas tree ornament – plus, it makes an engaging DIY project for kids!

This design works best when applied to a tall cake (3-4 layers). Pipe the trees more efficiently when given enough height – wide shortcakes may limit your height options and be challenging to work with.

Product Description

Add an elegant finishing touch to your holiday decor this year with the Debbie Christmas Tree Cake Ornament! Featuring the sweet Debbie Christmas tree cake design, this handmade glass ornament makes the ideal present for anyone with an affinity for these nostalgic treats. Easily created using supplies you already own and efficiently completed as a family (ages 8+), brush a thin coat of matte Mod Podge over white icing stripes before sprinkling tiny green glass beads over it before leaving it to dry before hanging or displaying it around your home or giving as gifts – each ornament measures 3″.

Product Packaging

The Christmas Tree Cake Ornament comes packaged in a sturdy box that makes it the ideal present. Inside are thick paper discs with illustrations that can be cut, folded, and popped out for use as cake decoration pieces. Furthermore, double-sided stickers with dotted lines act as popping, folding, or cutting guides.

Start this fun DIY craft project by gathering all your materials. You can find Little Debbie Christmas Tree templates and round, flat Styrofoam disks at craft stores like Joanns, Hobby Lobby & Michaels.

For maximum effect, this design works best when applied to a tall cake. As this decoration requires piped buttercream designs, be sure to chill and frost your cake prior to piping on your Christmas tree design. Four 6-inch cake layers should be enough height for this task; for those less experienced at stacking or frosting layer cakes, a 3-layer cake may also work nicely.

Product Care

Once Christmas season rolls around, homes and towns become winter wonderlands filled with velvet pillows adorned with holly leaves, snowy villages engulfed by evergreen trees, sparkling ornaments decorating festive trees – the latter can transform traditional decor into festive scenes; decorations provide that extra touch that takes traditional holiday decor over the top; however, they require careful handling for maximum shine year after year.

Ornaments made from delicate materials like wool, felt, and beading often require more than just a quick dusting to care for properly. When packing away decorations with fragile elements like loose threads or sequins for storage, start by inspecting each one for loose threads or sequins that need trimming before submerging it in warm water with Eucalan. Finally, gently dry your pieces by hanging them away from direct sunlight (sun exposure can discolor ornaments).

Hand-painted ornaments require extra TLC when cleaning them, so always wear gloves to protect the paint from oils from your skin, and use a feather duster or soft sable brush to avoid scratching or cracking it. For best results when storing these precious pieces, wrap each one individually in acid-free tissue paper to protect from moisture transfer and group like items together before labeling each box to make retrieval and placement more straightforward next year.

Make a Little Debbie Christmas Tree snack cake ornament this holiday season as an easy craft project that honors this delicious holiday treat! Gather supplies, such as Round Flat Styrofoam Ornament (SKU: ORN1750), to begin.

Product Warranty

An essential component of our holiday traditions, a Christmas tree serves as an opportunity to bring family and friends together while celebrating old and new memories, milestones, and family heirlooms alike. Ornaments become keepsakes of these memories over time, becoming treasured family heirlooms. This Christmas Tree Cake ornament makes an excellent present for anyone who appreciates baking or enjoys eating delicious bundt cakes while also being an engaging craft project to do together as a family or loved one. Additionally, its ornament can also serve as decoration on napkins on gathering tables, wrapped around homemade cake mixes/layered hot cocoa mixes, or displayed alongside candles for a festive centerpiece display!

Product warranties for this item are offered through its manufacturer, Christmas Designers. For Consumer Grade items, Christmas Designers guarantees to the original purchaser that its product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for five seasons of usage – this does not cover normal wear and tear, vandalism, accidents, or Acts of God (“including winds over 65 MPH”); UV fading; visible rust; improper setup or storage as well as modifications, burn-outs or electrical damage by an installer which could nullify it altogether.

In the event that a product becomes defective after purchase, it must be sent back for inspection within 60 days at the customer’s cost, and Christmas Designers will determine its eligibility under warranty and either repair or replace it at their discretion; any items returned beyond this deadline will not be eligible for a refund.