Chromebook vs Laptop: How are they different & which should you choose

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Some Chromebooks help you with everything and anything than their Mac and Windows laptops, but that’s not the right choice for everyone. Here is how you can choose the best laptop under 50000. On the surface, both Chromebook and laptops look the same with their design, element, and build; however, the former are a whole different breed of machines, very different from the regular ones. Laptops have been an undisputed leader of personal machines until Chromebook came into the picture. In the Chromebook vs Laptop fight, the former presents a whole new range of faster and budget-friendly gadgets with a much more responsive operating system.

Chromebook run on the Chrome web browser, instead of working on Windows and Mac OS. Despite that, they can do everything from streaming videos, listening to music, editing photos, checking emails, surfing the internet and more. Since most of the applications are on the cloud, its mainly an internet-based Chrome browser. 

What is a Chromebook?

These budget-friendly laptops run on the Linux-based Chrome OS, designed to be used with an internet connection. They are different from laptops and run on an entirely different OS altogether, just like Android. Chrome serves its basic features quite well and does most of the work in the cloud. Generally speaking, Chromebook is an average laptop with minimalistic, web browser-based Chrome OS. 

Chromebook are popular in the education circles since they work like a laptop and an extended mobile version. These can hardly replace your feature-rich laptops but are still worth every penny. The Chrome OS mimics the feel of a Windows laptop with a similar search button. Moreover, it is extremely lightweight when compared to Windows and Mac OS. It gives you the best of Google, Maps, Gmail and Docs and everything is safely stored in the cloud. 

What is a laptop?

A Laptop is a portable personal computer with all the abilities of a full-sized desktop computer, but small enough to be carried from one place to the other. It is a miniature version of a computer with a smaller battery, on-screen keyboard, trackpad, and trackball. Unlike Chromebook, laptops either run on windows OS or Mac OS. Since it functions as a portable computer, it basically runs on the same software and applications. 

Chromebook vs Laptop: The primary differences 

OSThey on Google’s Chrome OS, which is basically a version of its Chrome web browser. They run on Microsoft Windows or Mac OS, which is a full-fledged operating system.
Cloud Since it basically relies on the Chrome web browser, it uses Google’s own services like Gmail, Maps, Docs, Drive, etc. therefore, it doesn’t require heavy processing power or a lot of RAM to function. These require heavy processing power or a lot of RAM to function. Laptops are not cloud-based, meaning until wanted, they can be stored on desktop instead of the cloud. 
Storage These are designed for online use, so specifications don’t matter like in the Chromebook. These are disk drives or high-performance SSDs for storage. 
Printer accessThey cannot be directly hooked up to a printer via a USB port or a Wi-Fi network.Laptops can be easily connected to a printer via a USB port or a Wi-Fi network. 
PC GamesThey load faster than laptops with minimum waiting period. Loads a little slower than Chromebook. 

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