Clothing services like switchfix available in the market

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What is a switch fix?

Clothing services like switch fix are one of the well-known brands available in the market. But currently, there are few alternatives also available in the market. Here in this article, I will explain in detail the alternatives available. I will also recommend you try switch fixes if you haven’t tried them yet.

Switch fix alternatives:

In this section, I will guide you with the available options and their pros and cons. The options available are:


Wantable has a very simple motto: keep what you love and return the rest. This is day by day, becoming one of the favorite fashion subscription services. The boxes include 7 handpicked products that are matched your style. They both have style and action plans for women and men.

Nadine west

One of the unique features of Nadine west is that it provides such fabulous clothes that you will not find somewhere else. The subscription service is also quite affordable as it will not have a hole in your pockets. You only have to pay for the items you keep including the shipping fee. It is similar to clothing services like switch fix as it is pocket friendly. But it is only a limitation that the quality is not up to the mark.

Le tote

Le tote is a clothing rental service that allows you to choose and wear clothes that is fashionable by just paying a flat monthly fee. You can wear any type of clothes you want by saving up to half the current retail price. Expand your wardrobe and wear what you want.

clothing services like stitch fix

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Daily look

Dailylook offers hand-selected designed articles of clothing that stylists suggest by ensuring that you get perfectly fit clothes. You get up to 12 products in a box. You can keep what you love and send the rest. The prices of every item are a little bit high, so select according to your budget.


July contains one of the most exclusive brands that you love. The items will glorify your wardrobe. If you are fans of urban outfitters and Anthropologie, then you will be sure of this rental service since URBN founds it.

Menlo club

Menlo club is a perfect option for men. It is more similar to clothing services like switch fix. They charged a minimal fee and sent 2-3 items from their brands. The products sometimes vary depending on the brand, and each month is designed separately to compliment items you have received in previous months. Products that you may include in your wardrobe are footwear, athleisure, or everyday clothing.

Amazon Wardrobe

Amazon wardrobe provides an extra perk for the prime members you never know. It allows one to try up to eight clothing items in a home. Unlike other services, they don’t charge any styling fee. The only difference is that you will not get a personal stylist to select items for you. But is a great way to try on items before you buy.


It provides you to rent exclusive designer bags. It gives access to hundreds of luxury fashion accessories that will give you the feel of a celebrity. They have various plans depending on the period.


This brand is considered the best since it provides free shipping. This brand provides rental services on jewelry. You get three pieces of jewelry at a time.

Which clothing service is more beneficial?

Clothing services like switch fix provides rental service on different types of items and also vary the charges. While selecting, you may come across the following questions:

1. Is the shipping charge levied on all brands?

No, it is not.

2. Was the services available for clothes only?

No, it provides rental services on various types of products.

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