Copper Exploration in Canada

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Canada is among the world’s major copper producers after Chile and Peru. It has the greatest concentration of copper in the provinces of Ontario and B.C. Most mining is done with other metals such as zinc, nickel, lead, or zinc. Solaris Resources is a company that mainly works in mining and metals. 

Here you will learn about top copper mining operations, copper exploring companies, and their purpose. 

Ontario and B.C.

The largest minerals and metals are produced in Ontario and B.C. Mine output is manufactured locally in Ontario while it is shipped to Asia for smelting in B.C. The latter one is relatively less explored. Although it has a tectonic belt that undergoes most of the province, it is still not explored. It is due to glacial drift or thin basalt capping most of the ore. It made difficult explorations back then. However, now the Highland Valley mine is worth the exploration. 

Top Copper Mining Explorations Running In Canada

The copper industry of Canada has been flourishing with these top active operations. The top copper operations include Highland Valley, Sudbury, Kidd, Red Chris Mine, New Afton Mine, and Gibraltar Mine.

  • Highland Valley Copper 

Highland Valley operation is owned by Teck Resources Ltd. It is the largest open-pit copper mine located in the west of Logan Lake, B.C. Moreover, it is also the largest copper-mining operation in the world. The projected mine life is till 2048, and commodities include low-grade porphyry copper-molybdenum deposit. 

  • Copper Mountain Mine

It is a conventional open-pit copper explorer located south of Princeton, B.C. the projected mine life is till 2045. Statistically, it owned 75% by Copper Mountain Mining Corporation and 25% by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation. The commodities include copper, gold, and silver credits.

  • Sudbury 

The mining potential of Sudbury has identified accidentally in 1885 during Canadian Pacific Railway construction. It is an open-pit as well as an underground mine located in North Bay, Ontario. Copper concentrates with nickel, cobalt, platinum, gold, palladium, and silver. Vale Canada Ltd owns Sudbury with the projected mine life till 2042.

What Is The Purpose Of Copper Exploration In Canada?

Copper is being explored and mined in Canada because of its importance and number of applications since early times. The distinct property of mixing with other metals like copper and zinc to form a new metal brass has dramatically increased its significance. People in early ages used copper to make weapons and tools. It found its applications in electrical uses, castings, plumbing tubes, and cables with passing years. In Canada, copper tube is in high demand for natural gas systems inside houses and buildings. 

Final Words

Canada was the third-largest producer of copper in the world. Now, it has been tenth in recent years. The copper is found in large sulfide deposits in Sudbury Company in Ontario, while the porphyry deposits are concentrated in Highland Valley, B.C. Moreover, Solaris Resources has mining operations in Canada, including copper, iron, cobalt, manganese, etc.

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