Cortech Developments – Integrated Fires Safety and Security in the Hospitality Market


Hospitality is a diverse and broad industry with unique fire safety and security requirements. The efficiencies and accountability an integrated solution can bring across life safety systems, security and access, and even energy management can benefit prestigious hotels and chains. Integrated fire and security systems can offer remarkable seek and search KPIs while protecting visitors, employees, buildings, and other assets.

Investing in ‘future-proof’ technology isn’t an expense; it’s a necessary aspect of good hotel management. Full integration of modular software systems designed to simplify the control and management of otherwise disparate systems, such as Datalog 5 allows hotels to add to the system and increase situational awareness and accountability while lowering risks and operational costs.

Datalog provides hotel management with a single monitoring solution that boosts visibility, decreases emergency response times, improves operational efficiency, and raises responsibility, all while giving staff and guests peace of mind.

Integration of Fire Alarms

By integrating fire alarm systems with Datalog, the establishment acquires a quick and dependable method of locating a fire in its early stages, hence improving essential fire protection goals:

  • Life security
  • Property safeguarding
  • reducing the time it takes to respond to an emergency
  • Operational continuity

In an emergency, hotels owe a duty of care to their employees and guests. The local fire service will set particular seek and search targets, such as 60 seconds to recognize the alarm and 5 minutes to begin building evacuation if necessary, and so on.

Using Datalog, operators may swiftly examine the nature of any fire alarm signal and pinpoint the position of the fire origin to their emergency response teams, allowing them to either confirm or dispute the immediate need for the fire brigade’s speedy deployment. This strategy helps reduce time lost on false alarm signals while allowing the hotel’s emergency response teams to respond promptly and suitably when there is a threat.

Other System Integration

One of the most critical roles of hotel management is to secure the facility, protect customers, visitors, and employees, and defend the property. Security and safety are essential in the hospitality industry, and the hotel must take enough precautions to protect visitors, staff, physical resources, and assets.

Hotels typically feature various extra amenities, including gyms, spas, swimming pools, and restaurants, to name a few. Datalog’s flexibility enables Cortech technical partners and end users to select the specific system offering and configuration that is required, as well as to ensure that the installation has sufficient scope at setup and for future developments, integrating the site systems to provide pinpoint locations in the event of any alarm signal being generated.

The integration of intruder alarm and access control systems, which provides signals from emergency incidents and accessible toilet alarms, as well as Datalog integration, which allows you to monitor the position of high-value assets displayed throughout the property, provides security teams with a visual representation of exactly where an incident has occurred. The efficiencies inherent in Datalog system integration also allow the hotel’s emergency response staff and emergency services, if necessary, to respond to the situation more quickly.

When dealing with alarm activations, the hotel’s emergency response personnel will benefit from integrating the CCTV system. Datalog may enable cause and effect between systems, meaning an alarm occurrence on any Datalog-integrated system can be configured to automatically bring up live streams of all local CCTV cameras on a separate alarm screen. This provides control room personnel with live footage of the region surrounding the alarm activation, better equipping them to advise and support their emergency response teams.


Datalog provides hotel management with a completely integrated system software solution that allows operators to gain increased visibility and situational awareness while responding to alarms, events, or alerts more effectively and timely.

With the most recent technological and system innovations, Datalog is a significant asset for hospitality facilities, leading the way in fire safety and security for guests and workers.

Core Advantages:

  • Allows for integrating many systems into a single front.
  • Creates a framework for alarm handling that is useful in any control room scenario.
  • Displays a visual representation of the location of an alarm activation.
  • Reduces the ability to respond to any prospective emergency.
  • Allows emergency response personnel to go to the right place.
  • If deployed, it provides precise information and situation status to emergency services.

Hotels and other hospitality establishments need fire and security solutions that, when deployed, aid in emergency response, provide response teams with the information they need, and are integrated and optimized to provide the best protection for guests, staff, and business assets.

If you want to learn more about Datalog and how Cortech can help your business, please call 01925 750 600 or email [email protected].

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