Cost And Features of LMS-HRM Integration


Managing employee training and procedures related to it can be one of the biggest challenges one faces. Fortunately, technology has helped in making the process a lot easier and more seamless. The innovation of HRMS or Human Resources Management System has added a lifeline to the entire process of employee management.

But, today, we are not here to discuss how HRMS can make a difference, but we are here to give you an idea about the next big step.

HRM and LMS integration!

Integrating LMS and HRM can give rise to a wide range of benefits in the long run.

Let’s get started and understand why you should connect with eLearning software development experts now for the purpose of HRM and LMS integration.

HRM and LMS: Synopsis

When it comes to HRMS or Human Resources Management System, it is basically a software that is taken into consideration for the purpose of automating and managing different HR procedures that include:

  • Training,
  • Payroll
  • Accounting,
  • And more.

But, when it is about corporate learning management software, it is an online platform for the purpose of training that helps the administrator with the features like:

  • Developing courses
  • Tracking training progress
  • Assigning tasks
  • Customized policy guidance
  • And more.

Scope of HRMS and LMS Integration

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Integration of LMS and HRM can make things seamless in the process of succession promoting and strategizing. It creates a smart system that works wonders in getting the training completed, assigned, and monitored. So, HRM and LMS can be integrated to not only manage employee training but also get the entire process automated.

With this integration, you don’t have to work on accounting, payroll, and various other HR procedures manually. This means that your employees can contribute significantly with the help of this integration and also get ahead in their careers by enhancing their understanding of the respective domain.

We all know how important it is for every single organization to train their employees appropriately as it can play a significant role in internal mobility and retention rate as well. Thanks to HRM and LMS integration, an organization gets all the relevant tools that can help in:

  • Organizing training programs
  • Getting your employees engaged in the courses
  • Monitoring the progress of the employees
  • And a lot more.

So, this shows how HRM and LMS integration can make a huge difference and eventually help businesses to avail better results. The LMS development experts understand your business model and help you with the integration process accordingly.

LMS and HRM integration: What It Has In Offer?

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As stated above, the integration of HRMS and LMS makes the routine HR process seamless. You don’t have to stress anymore on the aspects like professional development, onboarding, retention, performance, and other management aspects of the employees. It completely transforms the approach followed to HR.

Deploying LMS with HRM certainly brings effective tools that help in onboarding the right pool of talent and helping them enhance their understanding as per the business needs. When it comes to employee performance, it entirely depends on the kind of management mechanisms followed by the organizations. If the right approach and tools are used, then it can help in assessing employee performance precisely. You can strategize accordingly and help them enhance their skills, and cover the underlying gaps for better results.

This can surely get the business growth to move in the upward direction. So, all you need is the assistance of custom LMS development experts to complete the integration successfully. This helps you avail a secure system with a user-friendly dashboard to assess training performance and plan ahead for better results. But, it is only possible if your system has the right features. Let’s check-in with the same.

LMS-HRM Integration: Features 

Below mentioned are the features that you get with LMS-HRM integration that drive organizational growth significantly. Check it out:


With the assistance of LMS-HRM integration, you are benefited from a quick onboard process. You don’t have to invest any time now in terms of assigning one for onboarding and then getting them trained as per the business needs. All of it can be done with the assistance of the respective software. It saves a lot of time that results in the form of better productivity. With the help of LMS integration, you can also avail feedback from the new joiners to understand their onboarding experience.

#Data-driven Assessment

Another primary attribute that you get with HRM and LMS integration is a detailed assessment of all the aspects. As and when the HRM is integrated with LMS, it collects all the data and reports the same to you through dashboards. This can help you understand where the process is leading and makes it easier for you to plan ahead accordingly. You can check where the gaps are which employee is falling behind. All these aspects can help you plan better and avail even promising results.


One of the most prominent attributes of HRM and LMS integration is that you get a system that can assess new trends in the domain of employee online learning aspects. This data can be taken into consideration to work on a better user experience and curb attrition. Tracking the latest trends has become a lot easier and all thanks to LMS metrics powered by AI technology. It helps you cover the loopholes and boost the retention rate significantly.

#Goal-based Training

LMS and HRMS integration make the entire process a lot more engaging and interesting. We all know how training can be dull and boring. But, with the integration of LMS, gamification also comes into play. As and when you gamify the process, things become competitive, and this leads to goal-based training. Better performance is the expected outcome that can also help you assess the best in the lot. Finding top talent and using them wisely can certainly give businesses better results in the future.

#Remote Learning

With the help of LMS integration, you can provide training to employees in any part of the world. It promotes mentor-based training and collaborative learning. It gives employees the freedom to avail training at their convenience. As it supports collaborative learning, employees can share ideas and enhance their understanding as well during the time of training. This can help them deliver even better results in the long term and promote teamwork.

#Cost-effective Training

Following a manual approach can make you spend a lot in terms of getting the right resources for training, then study materials, and many other aspects. But, with HRM and LMS integration, the entire training is conducted online and on the cloud. This makes the whole process a lot more cost-effective. The study material can be updated online, and the trainees can have access to the same from any location. As the expenses are reduced, it eventually boosts the ROI as well.

LMS And HRMS Integration: Cost 

The cost of LMS and HRMS integration can vary from one business to another as per their business needs and requirements. The pricing model is fully flexible as per the given specifications. It has been seen that LMS solutions often consider opting for SaaS pricing in which the clients have to pay a monthly fee for the attributes they are using. There are some vendors also providing annual or on-time charges with all the best features as per your business needs.

Below mentioned are the most followed LMS-HRMS integration pricing models followed by the businesses worldwide:

  • One of the most common approaches followed is pay per user with monthly subscriptions.
  • The next most common form of pricing model is paying per course.
  • Businesses can buy an LMS license to get the same installed on-site for their specific needs. The license charges can vary from USD 500 to USD 20,000, and the entire set-up can cost you around USD 25,000. This pricing model is mainly for mid or large-range businesses with in-house IT staff and data centers.


Hopefully, now you have complete knowledge of LMS-HRM integration. It comes with the best of attributes that make the entire process of training seamless, engaging, and secure. It allows businesses to enhance their whole HR management process and eventually get the results they are looking for. Pricing of the same varies from one industry to another. So, what is making you think so long, connect with a reliable LMS development services provider and have your integration needs covered to perfection!

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