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Typically the Roman matron asked Rabbi Yossi ben Halafta:

Dating Euro Girl – “How many days did it take G-d to create the world? “He/she answered: “It took the pup six days, and that is what exactly written in Shmot 31st: 17: “During six-time G-d created sky in addition to earth… »

And what features he been doing subsequently? -asked the matron.

She has been arranging the weddings. This man will be a partner for that woman etc.- claimed Rabbi Yossi.

But I’m also able to do that! – said the matron. – I have lots of girl and male slaves. We can easily make up couples from their store.

Rabbi Yosef said: You consider that arranging marriages is relatively easy? But for the G-d, it is just as hard in respect of the split Red Sea.

Dating Euro Girl – Immediately after Yosef left, the matron called 2000 of your girlfriend slaves, one thousand connected with female slaves were browsing front on thousand males slaves. Then she claimed: This man will be a man of that woman, that woman will be a wife of that gentleman, and so on. The marriages were created the same night.

But the future morning just married couples located matron, one man acquired a wound on his crown, another one didn’t have a vision, a woman had a cracked leg. They started to raise your voice: I don’t want this woman! I can’t live with this man! ‘

The matron asked to call Rabbi Yossi, and when he followed, she said: Your Tora is right, and what you laughed and said is true.

Dating Euro Girl – Rabbi Yossi responded: Now you see! You imagined that arranging marriages is undoubtedly an easy task. And it has grown harder than often splitting the Red Sea. Pesikta da-Rav Kahana 2: 4

Related people is not an easy task in any respect. We are all different, and of course, all people have unique views in addition to likes. It is impossible to look for somebody who will match you 100%, but you should not bother about that! What is essential is to locate somebody who will be ready to compromise and solve the difficulties together.

Dating Euro Girl – Many people think it is tough to create a good family with somebody not from your culture. Our experience provides proved that most Euro women have the life ideals that men wished Us women had: they are faithful, sincere, family-oriented (doesn’t mean that she only would like to stay at home, but the first top priority is always family, many people feel that in Russian culture ladies are housewives, and all they could do is to take care of the residence and kids most of the women have jobs, but they will not put in in front of family interests). Russian women pay a lot of attention to their outlook.

Dating Euro Girl – Those qualities indeed make it less complicated for a man to find a fantastic match. We believe that coordinating people is a severe method, and it has to be thoroughly checked by professionals. We desire you good luck in finding your current match!

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