Designer Dog Harnesses


Designer dog harnesses come in an assortment of colors and materials to fit your pet’s personality and provide durable comfort during walks. Select the designer harness for small dogs.

The back ring connects to a leash in order to discourage pulling. However, it should not be used when running or hiking as this restricts shoulders and may cause spine damage.


Designer dog harnesses provide your pet with an ergonomic fit. By distributing pressure from pulling across multiple contact points instead of exerting strain directly on their neck (as can happen with collars), these harnesses offer maximum comfort. Perfect for active pups who tend to pull during walks!

Utilizing adjustable straps and quick-release buckles, donning and taking off a harness has never been simpler. Plus, many designs feature additional features like leash attachments on the back or chest areas as well as handles to provide lifting support.

There’s a designer harness to suit every personality, from something bright and bold to timeless and classy. Choose from designer harnesses with eye-catching patterns or logos embroidered onto them for pet owners looking for something eye-catching, or invest in premium leather designer dog harnesses for something timeless that stands the test of time.

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As well as comfort, durability is also a critical consideration when purchasing a harness for some dogs. When shopping around, look for one made of rigid and rip-resistant materials with a stainless steel D-ring to attach a leash that can easily be put on and taken off by machine washing. Also, check that any designer harness is machine-washable while keeping its strength and shape even when wet, as well as how easily you can put on and take off its designer collars.

A harness with dual leash attachment points can be especially helpful in no-pull training, enabling you to direct your dog from both front and back without using traditional collar controls for control. Royah Nunez of Quing Canine notes that its design acts like a steering wheel to slow your pup down while walking while simultaneously steering them away from distractions.

This designer dog harness features a padded chest belt for additional comfort and to minimize pulling. Furthermore, its moisture-resistant properties make this ideal for dogs that tend to get hot when outdoors or during outdoor activities.

This harness is easy to put on and take off, though some dogs may require assistance becoming used to having something placed over their head. With five points of adjustment for a secure fit and its Y-neck design at the front that sits higher on your dog’s neck (but below where a collar typically rests), this harness allows free movement of front legs and torso muscles for maximum freedom of movement.


A comfortable designer dog harness with adjustable slide straps and soft padding, this one features comfortable padding on small dogs for a secure yet snug fit that stays put even on active pups. We love how it pairs beautifully with matching collar and leash sets and how its plant-based material makes cleaning it simpler than leather!

This harness is intended to be used with a training leash to correct pulling, with two leash connection points: a back ring to avoid sensitive neck areas and a Martingale loop at the top for added control. Unfortunately, however, it’s not suitable for running or hiking as its neck-ring doesn’t distribute pressure evenly when pulling occurs.

This patterned designer dog harness includes an additional safety feature: its locking buckle on the neck strap can prevent your canine from accidentally unbuckling themselves from the harness and taking a run at independence, an essential feature for those dogs who like to bolt.

At our testing, this designer dog harness kept our Bernadoodle safe when lunging at squirrels or other dogs, thanks to its Y-shaped design that evenly distributed pressure across its shoulders, as well as its velvet lining that was soft against her skin for comfort. Perfect for active canines with vivid coats. Also comes in eye-catching colors to complete any active dog’s wardrobe!


Designer dog harnesses come in various materials and designs to match your pet’s personality. Choose between leather for durability that will develop a distressed vintage look over time or nylon with reflective detailing for safety in low light, both of which offer precision fit side adjustability to ensure perfect fitting – ideal choices for teacup dogs and puppies that may suffer from neck strain, as well as choke-free styles which could prevent Collapsed Trachea syndrome in some toy breeds.

Select matching leashes, collars, and poop bag holders to complete your fashionable dog harness collection. Enjoy walking your pup without difficulty thanks to easy-on and off designs like quick-release buckles, step-in styles, and handles designed for lifting support. Some harnesses even come equipped with machine-washable and wipe-clean fabrics for added convenience!

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