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In July of 1989, my husband suddenly died mainly because he had a heart attack. Being unfaithful months later I discovered in a very dream that my husband what food was in fact killed by the best customer, who was excited about me. I was in love with him or her too.

I had many chats with this customer by mobile phone after discovering the truth; they practically confessed his offence with his reactions. However, soon after studying the meaning of panic based on the guidance of the other conscious mind that produces our own dreams, I understood that I had to condemn his terrible action instead of being shallow and indifferent to fear.

The unconscious wisdom shows God’s existence. You can confirm this truth by translating the meaning of dreams in line with the scientific method of dream meaning.

The unconscious mind revealed to me that I had to remain far from the man I was deeply in love with, and respect my meaning principles. I couldn’t keep abandoning the man My spouse and I loved so much, especially soon after understanding that he loved us too and this is why he had murdered my husband. It was then that I saw straight into practice that the unconscious head provokes physical diseases if we accept the absurd strategies of our anti-conscience, which is each of our wild conscience.

In other words, Lord punishes the human being with pain any time he/she accepts the silly suggestions of his satanic anti-conscience. Whenever we have actual physical problems, this means that we are highly influenced by our ridiculous anti-conscience. A physical illness is protection that originates from God, a punishment for your human being who accepts the actual evilness of the anti-conscience, as well as, a way to oblige the human being in order to respect the laws associated with goodness.

I was practically pushed to obey God’s assistance because of the unbearable pain I had formed in my feet, which experienced also swollen. I should betray my husband’s recollection and get involved with the man My spouse and I loved, who took the life. Only when I lastly understood my sin and I also accepted to obey The lord’s guidance and stay definitely not the man I was in love with, did the feet stop hurting. For that reason, I discovered that all physical illnesses can be cured when we regard unconscious guidance.

Your feet in dreams represent each of our moral principles. They have a similar symbolic meaning in our day-to-day reality. I had a terrible ache on my feet because I had fashioned to respect my ethical principles. This means that my behaviour to God’s guidance had not been something I should feel happy about. I was practically pushed to obey the subconscious mind without objections.

To begin with, I had the chance to learn the real meaning of dreams, even better when compared with Carl Jung, who was this teacher, due to my fictional talent. I could discover the means of many dream symbols soon after analyzing the symbolic means of a literary book My spouse and I started writing after being affected by a tragic car accident when I was 15 years old. The car accident itself was preparing us to face craziness when I started to be 28-years-old (in 1989).

After that, I had to study the meaning associated with terror, before learning which my husband would be a victim associated with terror. This knowledge had been necessary so that I could have the ability to obey God’s guidance rather than accepting a crime because I had been in love with the murderer.

Furthermore, I had to bear many actual physical diseases (besides the intolerable pain in my feet), which are trying to show me that I needed to be afraid to disobey The lord’s guidance. It was very hard for me personally to accept remaining far from a fellow I loved, especially soon after having proof that he liked me too.

The actual pain in my feet and also other parts of my body obliged us to obey the keen unconscious guidance instead of becoming a sinner, despite all the research, philosophical, and religious expertise I had. This means that God reasons physical diseases trying to carry us when we are ready to help make serious mistakes without paying care about anything.

I didn’t desire to obey God’s guidance, nevertheless, I was obliged to, not simply because of the physical pain, in addition, because of the absurdity of this anti-conscience, which was trying to ruin my human conscience by way of craziness. Later I knew that I should really do exactly what the divine unconscious mind ended up showing me, but in inception, I couldn’t accept this kind of truth.

After finding seem mental health, I started off curing many people through fantasy therapy (since 1990). I could see numerous times that actual physical diseases try to prevent an individual from making serious errors in their lives. Everybody discovers sound mental health and actual physical health by following the subconscious guidance in dreams.

This means that the alternative medicine provided for you through dream translation is the greatest one you could have. When you convert the meaning of dreams based on the only method that precisely translates the unconscious communications (which was discovered through Carl Jung and simplified by me) you discover The lord’s words in dreams.

The actual divine origin of the subconscious mind proves that the means of dreams is a true answer for humanity. Even when all of us cannot admit from the beginning that people have to obey God’s assistance, in the end, we will surely recognize that God was trying to preserve our mental stability.

Lord is always right because They are perfect and He possesses limitless wisdom. You should obey typically the unconscious guidance in your ambitions, recognizing that you are not a perfect creature and you need hypnotherapy, even if you are not mentally not well.

Only because you have inherited some sort of satanic primitive conscience in the biggest part of your brain, therefore you are absurd from birth and labour. Your tiny human cognition must be developed if you want to grow to be really balanced.

You will find actual health only when you’ll failed to make the mistakes imposed by your wild conscience.

The alternative medication you find when you translate this is of your dreams works individually of the severity of your illness because your doctor is The lord’s mind, and God can make miracles. Everything only depends upon your attitude.

If you will obey the wise assistance you find in your own dreams (even when it goes against your own selfish desires) you will definitely obtain salvation. If you’ll be unsociable to the truth presented to you in your dreams and you’ll insist upon your plans, which are essentially suggested by your evil anti-conscience, you will face complications as well as pain.

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